There has never been a better time to invest in a computer and cell phone repair and sales franchise. Laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other mobile technology are necessities in the 21st century. Be an owner of an essential business that provides the tools needed to work from home.

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Experimax: Key Covid-19 Response for School and Work-at-Home Needs

Experimax is your local trusted tech source for Apple® product repairs and upgrades, pre-owned sales, and trade-ins for: iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, iMac® computers, MacBook® laptops, and more.

What sets Experimax apart?


At Experimax, we provide premium Apple® products without the premium price.  Our Certified Pre-Owned process is how we do it.

Three Businesses in One

Three Businesses In One

Our electronics repair business can take trade-ins, provide speedy, on-site repairs, and sell quality refurbished devices. Because we work on so many devices, we’re able to keep a wide selection of parts on-hand. This versatility allows us to capitalize on multiple industry trends.

Not a Techie? No Problem

Not a Techie? No Problem

You don’t need to be an expert in electronics to partner with Experimax– we’ll show you how to leverage our time-tested cell phone franchise model.

A World-Renowned System

A World-Renowned System

Experimax, along with our parent company United Franchise Group, has been repeatedly recognized as a standout among franchise opportunities.

Experimax: Buy, Fix and Trade-in Business Opportunity

Available Territories

Available Territories

We’re currently looking to expand our brand across the U.S. There’s a good chance that your community would be an excellent fit for Experimax.

In-Demand Services

In-Demand Services

Customers love that we take trade-ins on devices far older than our competitors will accept and offer quality products and services for a fair price.

Comprehensive Training & Support

Comprehensive Training & Support

Experimax works with our franchisees throughout the entire process of opening their business and mastering our procedures. You’ll enjoy the confidence that comes from being part of a team of experts.

Now is the Time to Invest
in an iPhone Repair Franchise

There’s never been a better time to invest in a cell phone repair business. 81% of Americans currently own a smartphone, and that number is projected to continue increasing well into the future. Furthermore, 90% of Americans access the Internet on one or more devices, proving that smartphones, laptops, and tablets are important parts of our daily lives. Experimax capitalizes on these trends by offering three unique lines of service: Repairs on electronics devices, oftentimes while customers wait in-store; Trade-ins on older devices towards the purchase of a quality, refurbished, pre-owned device; Sales of pre-owned laptops, tablets, and smartphones for customers looking to upgrade.

These three unique revenue streams allow our franchisees to work with a wide range of customers, making their Experimax franchise the go-to source for tech in their community.


Our franchise model gives you the tools to help you run your  business smoothly, even if you have little experience in the tech industry.


Experimax has already developed a strong reputation as a trustworthy source for purchasing and repairing pre-owned devices. Enjoy the benefits of our years of hard work by partnering with Experimax.


We keep a comprehensive range of parts on-hand so that most repairs can be completed in-store! No one likes to send their devices off for repairs, and Experimax will provide a fast and efficient experience.

an iPhone showing projections of its screen


We are proud to show numbers

Franchise Fee


Liquid Capital Required

$99,000 – $240,000



Royalty Fee


Experimax is currently seeking to enter new territories across the U.S. and internationally. Below are a few of the markets we’re especially interested in. If you don’t see your area represented, don’t let that stop you from contacting us – we’re always researching new territories for our computer franchise!



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Computer & Electronics Repair Franchise

Additional Revenue & Business Opportunities
In addition to our duties as a computer repair franchise, we also specialize in offering quality pre-owned products and accessories from the manufacturers and companies consumers love! Additionally, we offer trade-ins and upgrades, buy used devices, sell used and refurbished devices, and provide software and system updates.
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Starting a cell phone repair franchise is less expensive than you’d think with Experimax. Over the years, we’ve refined our investment down to a science. On our website, you’ll learn exactly how much you should expect to spend on things like the franchise fee, a great lease on a location, inventory, and more. Don’t waste time guessing by going it alone – partner with us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-defined investment!

Experimax & The United
Franchise Group

Experimax is part of United Franchise Group, a major force in the franchising business.
Together, we’ve won numerous awards and recognition for our great work in the industry.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Global Franchise
International Business Brokers Association, Inc.
Entrepreneur Franchise 500 - 2018
Military Times
International Franchise Association


at this point in your decision-making process.
How much does it cost to get started?

We estimate that the cost to open a new Experimax franchise will range from $142K-$351K. This includes our one-time initial franchise fee, along with just about everything else you’ll need to get your location up and running.

Why shouldn’t I just start my own electronics repair business?
Some of our franchisees considered opening an independent business, but quickly found that going it alone can come with many pitfalls. You’ll need to develop highly efficient operating procedures while also establishing a pricing structure, managing a marketing campaign, developing a strong reputation, and more. When you partner with Experimax you only need to work the system we’ve already developed and shown to be effective.
How much freedom will I have as a franchisee?
A common misconception about franchising is that franchisees don’t enjoy much freedom. However, nothing could be further from the truth with Experimax. We expect our franchisees to adhere to our system because we’ve found that, in the long run, it saves them time and money. But franchisees are free to set their own hours and delegate many tasks as they see fit.
What are the daily responsibilities of an Experimax franchisee?

These will vary depending on how hands-on you decide to be with your business. Franchisees should expect to monitor their sales so they can set growth targets, work with our teams to develop marketing campaigns, and ensure that their store is running smoothly. They are always free to hire managers and employees to help manage day-to-day operations.


An Eco-Friendly Business:

Recycling Old Technology

Download our infographic and see the ways that Experimax facilitates recycling and reusing these products, and you can see that this eco-friendly business is a win-win.