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Establish a business that provides in-demand repair services to smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Most Experimax repairs are done in-store while customers wait!
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Experimax offers competitive rates on trade-ins, making our stores a go-to source for customers who are looking to upgrade their devices. This helps to keep our inventory constantly refreshed.
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Our franchisees offer a wide selection of high-quality refurbished used devices at great prices. They become trusted sources for affordable tech in their communities.
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Computer and Cell Phone Sales & Repair Franchise

There’s never been a better time to invest in a computer and cell phone repair franchise. Laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other mobile technology are necessities in the 21st century. People of all ages and creeds rely on this technology in just about every facet of their daily life. Communities everywhere are more connected than they’ve ever been thanks to devices like these. To help them stay connected to their friends, families, and employers, Experimax provides a number of crucial services to our clients. Quick and affordable repairs, trade-ins of old devices, and sales of certified pre-owned devices all take place in our franchises. Our business model is highly-efficient for franchisees (who enjoy a steady stream of trade-ins that can be utilized for repairs or refurbished and sold), and customers love that many repairs can be completed while they wait, without shipping their device out. We’ve established ourselves as the go-to source for cost-efficient mobile technology, and qualified investors now have the opportunity to join us by starting their own Experimax computer franchise. If you’re interested in going into business for yourself, read on to see why our business model can’t be beat.

Three Businesses In One

Experimax allows you access to customers who are looking to buy, trade, and repair their mobile devices. These distinctive services open you up to more business than competitors who can’t do it all.

Available Territories

If the people in your community love their smartphones, you likely live in a great area to open a franchise. Take a look at a few territories that have especially high potential.

Not a Techie? No Problem

You don’t need to be an expert on mobile technology to run one of our computer repair franchises! Read on to learn more about what we look for in our franchise partners.


Now is the Time to Invest in a Phone Repair Franchise

The percentage of Americans who own a smartphone has been increasing rapidly, and today about three out of every four Americans owns one! Moreover, nine in ten Americans now have the internet – a higher number than ever. Even several years ago, these numbers were far lower. Today, this technology is essential to the way we live our lives. For this major demographic, a damaged or poorly-functioning phone isn’t just an inconvenience, it can cut them off from their families, jobs, and communities. Experimax isn’t just a fun store for tech-enthusiasts to browse, more than ever it’s a necessary resource for people who need to stay connected without breaking the bank.

The Experimax Difference


Versatility: We provide repairs, trade-ins, and retail purchases of pre-owned devices. This opens us up to do business with many customers.

Simplicity: We keep a comprehensive range of parts on-hand so that most repairs can be completed in-store! No one likes sending their devices off for repairs, and Experimax provides a fast and efficient experience.

A National Brand: Franchising with Experimax means you’ll enjoy the independence of running your own business with the support and guidance of a national brand behind you. Marketing, location scouting, and ongoing education are just a few of the ways we help our franchisees thrive.

Franchise Support: We give our franchisees knowledge and tools to help them run their business smoothly, even if they have little experience in the tech industry.

Quality: Our team carefully refurbishes each of the devices we offer for sale. Our customers are able to access great technology at unbeatable prices.

A Trusted Name: Experimax has already developed a strong reputation as a trustworthy source for purchasing and repairing pre-owned devices. Enjoy the benefits of our years of hard work by partnering with Experimax.

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Starting a cell phone repair franchise is less expensive than you’d think with Experimax. Over the years, we’ve refined our investment down to a science. On our website, you’ll learn exactly how much you should expect to spend on things like the franchisee fee, a great lease on a location, inventory, and more. Don’t waste time guessing by going it alone – partner with us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-defined investment!

An Efficient Business Model

When customers trade-in devices, they are either refurbished and sold, or are broken down so that their parts can be used in repairs. The three facets of our business sustain each other perfectly.

A Sea of Potential Customers

In the past, smartphones were considered a luxury used only by tech enthusiasts. Today, smartphones are affordable enough that customers with lower incomes are able to access them, and simple enough to operate than even the elderly use them at record levels.

Greater Personal Freedom

If you’re sick of working on someone else’s schedule, purchasing an Experimax franchise is a great way to take your career into your own hands. Make time for the things that matter to you, and labor for your own benefit.

A Beloved Brand

Experimax has already become a favorite among smartphone users. Enjoy the benefits of brand recognition when you partner with us.

Training & Support

The Experimax training program helps new investors to learn the ropes. When you join us at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, you’ll spend two weeks learning how to manage operations and inventory, hire the best employees, provide quality repairs, and more! Furthermore, we support our investors after they open their doors by conducting industry research and development to help franchisees stay on top of new trends.

Making Technology Accessible

While there’s no question that access to mobile technology is a necessity in the 21st century, the high cost associated with smartphones, laptops, and tablets are prohibitive to many. Experimax helps keep communities running by providing everyone with affordable access to high-quality, pre-owned devices. For customers who are on a budget or are simply uninterested in paying high prices for the newest devices, our pre-owned selection of products is an important resource.

Bring affordable tech to the many people in your territory who need it.

Experimax and The United Franchise Group

Experimax has been independently recognized as a top computer business franchise thanks to our great reputation and time-tested business model. We operate under the United Franchise Group, a family of brands that have delighted customers and investors alike for years. The United Franchise Group continues to be recognized as a leading player in the franchise industry by institutions such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Military Times, and Global Franchises.

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