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From the Garage to a Global Franchise

Like many successful companies, Experimax actually started out of a garage. With a passion for the Apple® brand and a curious mind, founder Jim Muir turned his hobby of buying, selling, trading, and repairing computer equipment into a viable business venture.

Quickly outgrowing his garage, Jim opened his first retail location in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2012. To keep up with the store’s rapid growth, Jim added his four sons to the team and later opened a second location in Boynton Beach, Florida. Jim’s goal was the same back then as it is today – to establish long-lasting relationships with his customers while providing the best service possible.

Since launching our franchise division, we have sold over 100 franchises with over 50 stores currently open for business. Now is your chance to get in on this exciting, emerging new market!

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Buy, Sell, Trade, Repair

Cell Phones and Computer Technology Franchise

There’s no such thing as an easy answer when a customers head down to their local retailer. In fact, often they don’t even get an answer, let alone an easy one. Instead, clients are bombarded with sales pitches and did-you-knows, all trying to convince them to buy the latest and greatest version of a cell phone that will be outdated in six months anyway.

It’s a frustratingly complicated process, but with Experimax, it isn’t. Our goal is to change the way people look at cell phone repair franchises.

Going Global

Our International Franchise Opportunity

After enjoying several years of success, Jim decided it was time to offer others the opportunity to own an Experimax. He partnered with Ray Titus, a widely recognized leader in the franchise industry, and in August 2014, the two had developed a plan to take the company worldwide.

Franchisee Success

Our Turnkey Business Model

Experimax is fully invested in the success of its franchisees! We offer industry-leading training and support through the life of your business. The success of each individual franchise location fuels the success of the brand as a whole. When the franchisee is successful, we are successful.

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An Eco-Friendly Business:

Starting a cell phone repair franchise is less expensive than you’d think with Experimax.