Franchise Opportunity in Charleston, West Virginia

Why Invest in a Charleston Franchise?
Experimax is excited to announce the latest franchise opportunity in Charleston, West Virginia! At Experimax, we take pride in being the leading franchise that deals in one of the hottest products on the market: Apple® computers, tablets, phones, and other products. That’s why we want to expand into the amazing and dynamic city of Charleston. A franchise in Charleston can benefit from the city’s strong economy as well as the state’s resources for small business owners. In addition, Charleston is committed to keeping the city great for residents and businesses alike with continual city development. To learn more about opening an Experimax franchise in Charleston, keep reading.
Charleston, West Virginia
A Healthy Economy for a Franchise
Charleston’s economy is strong and growing, and is projected to continue to do so. Because of the city’s low cost of living, low cost of doing business, and low unemployment, Forbes named Charleston in the top two-hundred on its list of the Best Small Places for Business and Careers. In addition, the high rate of college attainment (22.8%) means that the generally well-educated citizens of the city tend to earn and spend more. Indeed, a well-educated population is good news for a franchise owner because it means that the labor pool is more educated. Another bonus of franchising in Charleston is that it’s the capital city so many people from surrounding areas come into the city to work, making the labor pool even larger for potential employees and managerial candidates. The strong economy has all the ingredients that can contribute to a successful franchise in Charleston.
Resources for Business Owners
Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, which is why West Virginia has a dedicated Small Business Administration (SBA) with the purpose of providing resources to small business owners, including franchisees. The SBA is an amazing resource for a Charleston franchise because it provides networking opportunities that are unavailable elsewhere. The SBA serves over 118,000 small businesses in West Virginia by providing training classes, networking events, and educational seminars. The SBA can also help a Charleston franchise navigate the city and state certification and licensing requirements. These services perfectly complement the support Experimax franchise owners get from corporate. At Experimax, our franchise owners’ success is our success, which is why we provide assistance throughout the ownership process, including ongoing training and technical support. If you can take advantage of the services the SBA offers as well as the amazing support from Experimax, you will be well on the road to a thriving franchise in Charleston. Charleston has so much to offer a new franchise owner, from its robust economy to its helpful Small Business Administration. When you open a franchise in Charleston, you know you will receive support from the city and the community because 90% of the businesses in West Virginia are small. In addition, Experimax’s unparalleled corporate support is the best in the industry, which is why an investment in an Experimax franchise in Charleston is a no brainer. To learn how to get started on your franchise, click this LINK.

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