Franchise Opportunity in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Looking for an Exciting Investment Opportunity? Open an Experimax Franchise in Cheyenne
At Experimax, we are excited to announce the latest franchise opportunity in Cheyenne, Wyoming! If you’re looking for a way to be your own boss and still enjoy corporate support, Experimax is the perfect company for you. Our proven business model buying, selling, and trading pre-owned Apple® products is unlike anything in Cheyenne, so the market is ready to be tapped by someone with a little business savvy and a lot of drive. Read on to learn more about Cheyenne’s growing economy and helpful resources for business owners, both of which make it a great city to invest in.
Cheyenne, Wyoming
A Growing City
Cheyenne has been booming for the last few years, seeing massive growth in both economy and population. Indeed, from 2009-2014, the population of the city grew by 5.4 percent. Forbes’ has ranked Cheyenne in the top one-hundred on their list of the Best Small Places for Business and Careers. Out of two-hundred cities on the list, Cheyenne ranked #52 in job growth because of its job growth rate of nearly two percent in 2014. With just under 100,000 people in the city and an unemployment rate of just 3.8 percent, it’s no wonder that Cheyenne is drawing in so many people and businesses.
Cheyenne LEADS
Cheyenne is making consistent efforts to keep its industries diverse in order to keep the city successful, which is why the city has partnered with Cheyenne LEADS, an organization that aims to attract companies of various sizes. LEADS offers help to businesses with site selection, employee training, and demographic research. LEADS also develops business parks throughout the city, developing spaces for all different kinds of businesses, thereby creating sustainable jobs for the residents of Cheyenne. In addition, LEADS makes an effort to keep as many aspects of their organization, which further helps investments in Cheyenne to be successful.
Historic Significance
Cheyenne has many sites and buildings that are historically significant, which is why the city created the Historic Preservation Board in 1986. The Historic Preservation Board is dedicated to preserving the city’s historic sites and utilizing them for education, recreation, and fostering civic pride. As a city, Cheyenne looks toward the future without losing sight of the past, which is a quality that allows the government and residents to succeed in their development. At Experimax, we value a healthy economy and a strong sense of community, which is why we are so excited to expand into Cheyenne, Wyoming. We just need someone ambitious and hard-working to open one of our stores there. If you want to find out how to get started and open an Experimax franchise, click this LINK.

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