Franchise Opportunity in Detroit, Michigan

Why Franchise in Detroit
Are you looking for an investment opportunity in Detroit? Do you want the freedom of being your own boss without missing out on the security of an experienced corporate system? Are you a hard worker with ambition? If you answered yes, opening an Experimax franchise in Detroit is the right choice for you! When you open an Experimax franchise, you automatically have a support system through our outstanding network of corporate personnel and your fellow franchise owners! In addition, the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit have a myriad of resources available for business and franchise owners that your Detroit franchise can take advantage of. We know what you are thinking: isn’t Detroit in economic turmoil? The answer, in short, is no! Detroit’s economy is seeing enormous growth and recovery, making now the perfect time to invest in the Motor City. Keep reading for more details!
Detroit, Michigan
Franchise Benefits
One of the key reasons to open an Experimax franchise is experience; our business model, corporate personnel, and other franchise owners are all experienced, so they can offer your Detroit franchise advice and assistance. Indeed, as a franchise owner, you can maximize your business by asking questions and bouncing ideas around with your network of Experimax franchise owners. At Experimax, we take pride in offering our franchise owners top of the line support from the moment they sign the franchise agreement. But the support you receive doesn’t end when your store opens; rather, we offer continuous training on new methods and support for any concerns or problems that may arise during your tenure as an Experimax franchise owner.
Business Resources
In an effort to encourage small business growth, the Detroit Business Support Network established Detroit BizGrid, a comprehensive map of the city’s resources for business owners. Detroit BizGrid includes organizations that specialize in helping small businesses with real estate, bookkeeping, human resources, taxes, financing, and more. In addition to the organizations found on BizGrid, Detroit has a number of shared working spaces, some of which include retail space. There are a myriad of online resources, which you can find on the Michigan entrepreneurship website, including a mentorship program in which new business owners get advice from experienced Detroit business people. Your Detroit franchise can benefit from these resources that the city and state offer. When you utilize the assistance available through these organizations, you can maximize your business and your skills as a franchise owner.
Economic Comeback
There has been a lot of noise about the state of the economy in Detroit in recent years, from the city filing bankruptcy to the economic bailout of the auto industry. Don’t let this get you down! Detroit is demonstrating its ability to bounce back from even the worst circumstances. Both Forbes and Pew have reported that Michigan as a whole, and especially Detroit, is showing high job growth. Indeed, Detroit’s economy has been rebounding so thoroughly that it is among the top three areas for industrial growth. Forbes even compared the industrial growth in Detroit to the oil growth in the South and Texas. Additionally, between 2004 and 2014, Michigan added STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—jobs at a rate nearly as high as California and much higher than New York. Though the city is certainly no economic powerhouse, opening a franchise in Detroit is still a great way to help build the economy. The city is putting a lot of resources into economic improvement and stability, and now is a great time to take advantage of these programs. If you are ready to invest in your career and your community, click this LINK and get started on your Experimax franchise in Detroit right away!

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