Franchise Opportunity in Jackson, Mississippi

Bring Experimax to the City with Soul
Experimax is thrilled to announce the latest franchise opportunity in Jackson, Mississippi! As the leading franchise in an exciting industry, Experimax is looking for someone driven and ambitious to open one of our turnkey businesses in Jackson. Jackson’s healthy economy and various city improvement programs make it the ideal city for our proven business model to thrive. To learn more about this amazing city, keep reading about its economy, business resources, and city programs.
Jackson, Mississippi
Robust Economy
As the biggest city in Mississippi, Jackson’s economy is one of the leaders in the state. Indeed, this city’s large population of well over half a million people enjoy a low unemployment rate and a high job growth rate. In addition, the cost of living in Jackson is lower than average, and the cost of doing business follows suit. It’s these economic indicators (and more) that contributed to Jackson’s ranking in the top two-hundred of Forbes’ Best Places for Business and Careers.
Business Resources
Jackson knows that the success of small businesses is integral to keeping the economy strong, which is why Jackson has a Business Development Division (BDD), a faction of the city government that is dedicated to keeping the economy diverse and successful. The BDD strives to foster job growth, encourage investment in the city, and support business growth. One way the BDD does this is by utilizing a program called Startup Jackson, which offers one-on-one business counseling, training workshops, and networking opportunities.
City Development
Jackson doesn’t only take care of its business owners; there are several programs in place to keep the ever-changing city in top shape. One program in particular is the so-called Bold New Infrastructure Plan, which is aimed toward a complete overhaul of the infrastructure citywide. This plan, which was approved in early 2015, starts in 2016 with an ambitious 30 projects to rejuvenate the roads, waterways, drainage systems, and bridges of the city. With everything Jackson has to offer an Experimax franchise owner, the choice to invest is a no brainer. When you invest with Experimax, we offer a franchise opportunity with one of the hottest products on the market as well as world class corporate support and training. Your investment in our proven business model is an investment in your future career and the economy of your community. To learn how to open your own Experimax franchise right away, click this LINK and get started.

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