Franchise Opportunity in Lafayette, Indiana

Why Invest in a Franchise in Lafayette?
Are you looking for the opportunity to be your own boss? Do you want to open a turnkey business with a proven model? Look no further than Experimax, the hottest franchise for buying, selling, and trading pre-owned Apple® products. At Experimax, we take great pride in offering the best products from the best franchise owners in the best locations. That’s why we want to open a franchise in Lafayette, Indiana, a city with a nationally ranked economy and amazing local resources. Lafayette has so much to offer an Experimax franchise owner; keep reading for more details!
Lafayette, Indiana
The Nation’s Best Economy
When you are starting a business, it’s so important to consider the economy where you are opening. Lafayette franchise owners can rest easy knowing that the economy in the city is one of the strongest in the nation. Forbes ranked Lafayette as the second best small city for business and careers. Lafayette’s low cost of living, 11% lower than the national average, was likely a factor in Forbes’ ranking, as was the low unemployment rate in the city. As a Lafayette franchise owner, your customer base will be made of people who generally work and who pay less on day-to-day expenses, meaning they will be more likely to have discretionary income. A wide customer base is key for the success of an Experimax franchise.
City Development
Lafayette is committed to keeping the city and its residents safe and updated which is an important thing to recognize as you open a franchise in Lafayette. A city that invests in itself invests in its people and businesses as well, so a Lafayette franchise owner can understand that the city will perform constant upkeep. In 2015, Lafayette announced and invested in several mixed-use buildings, a trendy and cost-effective style of construction that combines retail, office, living, and dining space into one efficient building. In addition, Lafayette invests millions of dollars each year into improving and maintaining its infrastructure like roads, bridges, water systems, and more. When you own your franchise in Lafayette, you will know that the city is keeping up its side of the bargain, keeping this vibrant place clean, safe, and updated.
Purdue University
A huge asset to the Lafayette community is Purdue University, a prestigious, nationally recognized school. Much of the economy in Lafayette revolves around Purdue, which employs well over 15,000 people. The university’s economic impact to the state of Indiana is nearly $5 billion annually, due to grants, employment, research, and many other factors. With nearly 40,000 students on the main Purdue campus each year, the student population makes up a large portion of the city’s population as a whole. In addition, Purdue is an amazing asset to the city in that it provides the population with ongoing education. When you own a franchise in Lafayette, you will have highly educated people who have degrees already and hard-working college students in your labor pool, ensuring you will be able to hire great candidates for managerial and other positions. When you combine Lafayette’s robust economy with its amazing local resources, the decision whether or not to invest is a no brainer. At Experimax, we know that Lafayette has everything we want in a franchise location. All we need now is someone to make the investment in our business and their career. If you’re ready to make that investment, click this LINK to find out the next step in starting your franchise in Lafayette

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