Franchise Opportunity in Lafayette, Louisiana

Open an Experimax Franchise in Cajun Country
Experimax, the leading franchise in buying, selling, and trading in pre-owned Apple® products, is seeking someone to open the latest franchise in Lafayette, Louisiana. At Experimax, we want only the best for our franchise owners in training, technology, and locations. That’s why we want to expand into Lafayette, the heart of Cajun country, with its strong economy and helpful resources for business owners. Keep reading to learn more about this dynamic city
Lafayette, Louisiana
Strong Economy
Although it’s a relatively small city, with a population of not quite half a million people, Lafayette has a strong economy that’s consistently ranked among the best and biggest cities. Forbes found Lafayette to be in the top 200 Places for Business and Careers, largely due to its extremely low cost of doing business. Southern Business and Development ranked Lafayette in the top ten southern cities, with its “sizzling mid-size economy” and the 1000 new technology jobs added to the city. In addition, the periodical Business Facilities ranked Lafayette the fifth best city for job growth in the United States. All these glowing reviews come largely from a low cost of living, relatively low unemployment rate, and high rate of job growth
Business Resources
A diverse economy is integral to the success of a city, which is why Lafayette created the Economic Development Authority, an organization with the goal of offering incentives to businesses that open or relocate in Lafayette. Through a number of programs, the Economic Development Authority helps create jobs, modernize buildings, and diversify the economy. There are numerous tax incentives for businesses that build or develop in certain areas of the city or for those that create jobs in specific areas or industries
Cajun Capital
Cajun culture combines all the best aspects of French, Spanish, Indian, and Caribbean cultures into a neat, spicy food eating package. Lafayette is the self-proclaimed capital of Cajun culture, so naturally there are a myriad of cultural opportunities in the city. You simply cannot talk about Cajun culture without mentioning the amazing Cajun food, full of herbs and spices. One dish in particular, boudin, is so famous in Lafayette that the city has a so-called Boudin Trail, which maps out all the best places to eat this delicious creation throughout the city. Boudin has no doubt contributed to the Cajun ideal of “joie de vivre,” joy of life, which helped Lafayette achieve the ranking of the happiest city in the United States, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. The time to invest in Lafayette is now! When you invest in Experimax, you bring a proven business model and one of the hottest products to the city that’s full of light and life. If you’re ready to invest in your future career, click this LINK to find out how to open an Experimax franchise right away

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