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Invest in Experimax in Nebraska’s Star City
Are you looking for an investment opportunity that allows you to be your own boss while simultaneously enjoying the support from a well-established corporate system? Do you want a turnkey business dealing with pre-owned Apple® products, one of the hottest brands on the market? Invest in Experimax, the leading franchise opportunity for those who buy, sell, and trade in pre-owned Apple® products. At Experimax, we strive to provide our franchise owners with the best, from equipment and training down to location; that’s why we want to expand into Lincoln, Nebraska’s star city. Lincoln didn’t earn its nickname on accident; because of its amazing city improvement initiatives and prestigious public university, Lincoln is an economic star
Lincoln, Nebraska
City Development
Because cities are constantly changing, different areas of the city need improvement at different times. In order to continually meet the city’s needs, Lincoln created the Community Development Division, or CDD. The CDD has two major goals: the first is to improve the livelihood of the city’s low- to middle-income residents and the second is to maintain a high standard of life for the community as a whole. In general, improving the low-income or decrepit areas of the city benefits the entire city. One way that the CDD tries to achieve these goals is through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), a federal program that allocates funds to update housing, improve economic opportunities, and help neighborhoods in low- to middle-income areas. Lincoln can use CDBG funds to renovate buildings, build parks, and invest in job creation in these areas.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
As one of the top ranked public universities in the United States, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, or UNL, provides a center of education not just to Lincoln, but to Nebraska as a whole. UNL is dedicated to both science and the arts, with its biggest emphasis on research. Over the years, UNL has proven its dedication to research by being one of the first universities west of the Mississippi to offer doctorate degrees and becoming the first university in the world to create an undergraduate psychology lab. Indeed, UNL has cemented its reputation as a research school by spending nearly $300 million on research each year. Lincoln has so much to offer an Experimax franchise owner that we could spend pages and pages going over its many virtues. At Experimax, we strive to be the greatest in the industry by providing the best for our franchise owners. An investment in Experimax is an investment in a proven business model with little cost upfront. When you’re ready to open an Experimax franchise in Lincoln, click this LINK to find out how to get started

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