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Looking for an Exciting Investment Opportunity? Open an Experimax in Logan
One of the biggest industries in the world is looking for a dedicated, hard-working person like you to open a franchise in Logan, Utah. That’s right, we at Experimax are looking for someone with some business savvy and ambition to buy, sell, and trade in pre-owned Apple® products—one of the hottest brands in the nation—in Logan. Our proven business model and turnkey franchise means that your investment has a high probability for success. If you are ready to become your own boss, open an Experimax franchise in Logan!
Logan, Utah
Strong Economy
Logan is a small but continually growing economy. As such, it featured as number eight (out of two hundred cities) on Forbes’ list of the Best Small Places for Business and Careers. One thing that makes Logan such a great place to invest in is its low cost of living and doing business. Even though the population and jobs have been growing for the last decade, the cost of living has not risen at the same rate, staying at over ten percent below the national average. The unemployment rate in Logan has remained exceptionally low as well, even in the post-recession years. As of July 2015, unemployment is 2.8%, which, when compared with the national rate hovering at over 6%, is incredibly low.
College Town
Logan is home to Utah State University, making its population a large and ever-changing one. Utah State is the largest employer in Logan, with 823 faculty members, 1,561 support staff, and 1,100 student employment opportunities. The four hundred acre campus at the top of Logan offers 168 undergraduate degrees in everything from Equine Science to Mechanical Engineering to Philosophy. In addition, Utah State offers lots of community events, including public museums, musical performances, theater, and sporting events. Your investment with Experimax will surely thrive in a college town, as students are so dependent on technology. Indeed, because we buy, sell, and trade in pre-owned Apple® products, a large student population is sure to bring you business as they upgrade their phones, laptops, tablets, or other technology. In addition, the ever-changing nature of the population, with students moving in and out of the area, there will always be new potential customers coming to town. Because Logan has such a strong economy and unique population, we are excited to see Experimax grow and prosper there. An investment with us is an investment in your future, which is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. You will be thrilled with the amount of corporate support you’ll receive with everything from choosing your location to training employees. At Experimax, our franchisees are our family and we take care of them as such. If you are as excited about this opportunity as we are, click this LINK to find out how to open an Experimax franchise right away.

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