Franchise Opportunity in San Francisco, California

Why Invest in a Franchise in San Francisco?
Experimax is excited to announce our latest franchise opportunity in San Francisco, California! We are looking for someone with some business experience and ambition to bring the hottest franchise that buys, sells, and trades pre-owned Apple® products in the Bay Area. San Francisco’s growing economy provides the perfect conditions for a tech franchise to thrive. In addition, there are many resources available to a San Francisco franchise to help get started on the road to a thriving business right away. Keep reading for more details about what San Francisco has to offer an Experimax franchise.
San Francisco, California
Thriving Economy
As Silicon Valley has continued to prove its economic power, San Francisco’s economy has improved and grown at an astonishing rate. Facebook and Google have both moved into San Francisco, making the city a technological hub and driving job growth to astronomical numbers. In 2014, the last year with available data, job growth was at a rate of 4.6%, more than double that of the rest of the country. The population has grown a lot during the past few decades as well; in 2000, 776,000 people lived in San Francisco, versus 805,000 people in 2010, according to census data. Technology isn’t the only thriving industry in San Francisco. The city is among the top twenty global financial centers and is home to over thirty international banks. San Francisco is also a huge tourist destination, attracting millions of people every year to see such iconic sites as the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown. All of these amazing economic factors came together when Forbes ranked San Francisco #32 in the United States for the Best Places for Business and Careers. When you open your franchise in San Francisco, these economic conditions will help your business thrive.
Resources for Business Owners
San Francisco isn’t just interested in the success of major companies like Facebook and Google; economic success is made when small businesses thrive, so San Francisco developed the San Francisco Business Portal to offer assistance and resources to small businesses and franchises in the city. A San Francisco franchise can benefit from such resources as tax help, training courses, and licensing assistance. The Portal even offers information and help for businesses that want to convert to green energy to conserve and save money. This online toolbox offers help to businesses at all stages, whether they are just starting out and need a step-by-step guide to forming a business plan and getting funding, or if they are looking to purchase a second or third location to expand their empire. The Portal is useful and practical and even has a glossary of terms, so you won’t be left feeling silly if you don’t know what “Self-Employment Tax” is. When you open your San Francisco franchise, taking advantage of this resource will help you get started the right way so that you can continue to grow your business. San Francisco is one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world, so it’s no wonder we want one of our franchises in the city. At Experimax, we know that our franchise owners’ successes are our successes, which is why we think a franchise in San Francisco will be a good choice. If you’re ready to be your own boss and find out what it feels like to be a part of a thriving industry, click this LINK to find out the next step in opening your franchise in San Francisco.

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