Month: June 20, 2016

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A New Take on the Apple® Store Franchise

Founded in 2009 and franchising since 2014, Experimac, popularly referred to as “the Apple Store Franchise,” has seen growth rates over the last two years that are so explosive that “phenomenal” seems too weak a descriptor. And this growth shows no signs of stopping. Why this off-the-charts performance? What is driving Experimac’s impressive growth? The answer might[...]
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3 Used Apple® Products that Still Sell for Big Bucks

The iPad® Pro. The iPhone® SE. The Apple® Watch. These are the latest and greatest products from the Apple® brand. Each was released to the market with incredible fanfare and sales success. This is how it goes for Apple. They release a new product (or an update to an existing product) and people can’t wait to[...]
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