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How to Make Money Selling Refreshed Apple® Products

refurbished Apple products
The demand for pre-owned Apple® products is nearly as strong as the demand for new Apple® products, which is a testimony both to Apple’s® dominance of the upscale computer and smartphone market and to many would-be owners’ difficulty affording a new iMac®, iPhone®, or iPad®. Those with a love for modern technology, an appreciation for the quality of[...]
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Ernest Duncan Recognition Plaque

Ernest Duncan Date added:November 14, 2016 Submission Type:New Hire Current employer:Experimac of Atlanta Current title/position:Owner Industry:Technology Position level:Owner Duties/responsibilities:In August, Ernest Duncan opened the doors to Experimac, a one-of-a-kind retail storefront concept that specializes in sales of pre-owned Apple® computers, devices and much more. Experimac is located at 800 Peachtree St., NE.  
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New Business in Atlanta Tech Village Sells Pre-Owned Apple® Products

It was almost fate that Ernest Duncan was going to become a small-business owner sometime in his life. Whether through his family genes or Duncan’s long association with non-profit organizations where entrepreneurship is part of their daily fabric, Duncan has entered this next stage of his business career with all the tools for success. In[...]
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What Does it Take to Be a Franchise Owner?

computer repair franchises
Many entrepreneurs wonder if franchising is right for them and whether they should seriously consider becoming a franchise owner. There’s a lot that goes into franchising, including managing finances, finding a location, hiring staff, and dealing with day-to-day operations. Is franchising the right path for you? Continue reading to find out. Franchise Owners Organize and Inspire[...]
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