Month: September 28, 2018

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Does Your Computer Have You Seeing Sparks?

The beginning of autumn is always a busy time of year. Keeping up with the kids and their activities, family gatherings and much more can leave us with little downtime to do some things that might need to get done. These tasks are put on the back burner because they couldn’t possibly get completed so[...]
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Don’t Waste Time in Line: Benefits of Buying (and Selling) Pre-Owned Apple Products

It’s widely accepted that Apple® products are the best on the market — they consistently rank at the top of customer reliability and satisfaction surveys. The only problem for consumers is that Apple products can be pretty tough on the wallet. Those who don’t want to break the bank to use a MacBook will turn[...]
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It’s Hot this Summer, and So Is the Tech Repair Industry

Electronic devices constantly need updating and repairing, and that need is never going away. Dealing with a broken computer or cell phone is incredibly frustrating, and most consumers don’t even know where to begin to try and fix a computer problem on their own. This is where the tech repair industry comes in. We are[...]
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