Experimax franchises stand out in the smartphone repair industry because they can do much more than fix broken screens. People visit our stores for lots of reasons, and our franchisees benefit by leveraging multiple revenue streams. Learn about a few of the many customers that patronize Experimax franchises every day.

1. People in Need of New Devices

Smartphones are ubiquitous in today’s world. A recent estimate reveals that 81% of American adults now own one! That’s an increase of 35% from 10 years ago. Smartphones do a lot more than make phone calls; they help people stay in touch via video calls, manage their schedules, and find directions – it’s an impossibility for many of us to imagine life without one.

Experimax is well-known for repairing broken smartphones, but we’re also a retailer of quality refurbished devices. People looking for a great deal on phones, tablets, and laptops love that they can stop into their local Experimax to get the technology they need without breaking the bank. 

We’re able to keep a steady stream of merchandise coming through our doors because customers also love to visit Experimax franchises for trade-ins. 

2. People Looking to Trade-Up

Like other smartphone repair and sales businesses, Experimax takes trade-ins. However, unlike many of our competitors, we accept older models that others won’t. Our trade-in service is a great way to get customers into our stores, and it also supports our two other revenue streams: Repairs and retail. 

Newer devices that are in good condition are refurbished and put up for sale. Older and damaged devices are broken down for parts to support our repair service!

3. People with Broken Smartphones

Smartphones are always at our fingertips, so there are lots of opportunities for them to be damaged. A simple drop at just the right angle can lead screens to crack or worse. It’s why there are so many smartphone repair businesses.

However, most of these businesses are only capable of handling the most basic repairs on-site. On many occasions, they need to send devices out for repairs, so customers need to wait for days before getting their devices back. The competitive advantage enjoyed by Experimax franchises is that we’re able to complete most repairs right in our stores while customers wait. They can peruse our selection of accessories and refurbished devices while we fix their smartphones!

A Flexible Concept

We’re able to serve all of these customers in convenient locations because of our flexible concept. Whether your community could use a simple kiosk or a freestanding store, we can help you open a new Experimax franchise that fits right in and attracts customers where they spend time already. We think you’ll be amazed at everything Experimax has to offer, even in small spaces!

Contact us today to learn more about the many customers you’ll work with when you open an Experimax franchise.