Are you thinking of opening your own computer franchise? If so, you probably have some questions about the tech industry. The electronics business is booming, and franchises like Experimac that deal in pre-owned devices have established a niche in the marketplace. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the industry.

Just How Big is the Electronics Industry Anyway?

The electronics industry is almost unfathomably large. Did you know that in 2014, 302 million computers were sold worldwide? That same year, around 7 billion cell phone subscriptions were purchased worldwide- that’s almost one for every person on the planet! Around 36% of the world’s population is expected to have a smartphone by 2018, up from just 10% in 2011. With numbers like these, just about everyone is a potential Experimac customer, which makes a computer franchise an excellent investment.

How Much Profit Can Really be Made Repairing Broken Smartphone Screens?

Smartphone repair is also a booming industry. Despite the durability of modern smartphones, screens get cracked every day. In 2014, people spent more than $23.5 billion repairing cracked smartphone screens. Businesses like Experimac that are centrally located and can quickly repair cracked screens are in high demand.

Why Sell Pre-Owned Devices?

In today’s world, technology is evolving and expanding more rapidly than ever. Customers know that as soon as they invest in the latest and greatest, it won’t be long before something new will be released. Savvy consumers who are in the market for a laptop value high-quality, refurbished electronics. Quality used products, like the ones sold at Experimac, will allow them to access superior tech without the cutting-edge price. Best of all, our generous trade-in program is even more liberal than some manufacturers’, allowing customers to trade in their old devices to offset the cost of purchasing an upgrade. Our work with pre-owned devices is one of the ways we set ourselves apart from the rest.

Joining our computer franchise family will help you to get involved in this exciting and expanding industry. If you’d like to learn more about beginning your franchising journey, contact us today.