The iPad® Pro. The iPhone® SE. The Apple® Watch.

These are the latest and greatest products from the Apple® brand. Each was released to the market with incredible fanfare and sales success.

This is how it goes for Apple. They release a new product (or an update to an existing product) and people can’t wait to buy it.

And why not? The Apple brand is known for delivering products that deliver amazing user experiences and delight the masses. The computers, laptops, iPad® tablets and phones are intuitive, well-designed and destined to make everyone’s life easier.

And even though Apple, Inc. seems to consistently release new computers, iPad® tablets and iPod® devices, the “older” versions, are known to work well for long periods of time — which is exactly why there is a huge market for pre-owned Apple products.

Here’s a look at three pre-owned Apple® products that have sold for big bucks, still do and will likely continue to do so.

1) The Apple iMac® Desktop Computer

The rumors of the desktop computer’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, people still want desktop computers, even as laptop and iPad device sales soar through the roof.

College students, parents of high school students and seniors don’t necessarily need mobile computers. They just want a computer that’s reliable and easy to use. And that’s why the Apple® iMac® Computer is one of the most popular pre-owned Apple® products out there.

People know that the iMac® computer is a well-built machine with all the features they want — built-in FaceTime, four USB ports and large displays — and many are willing to pay a premium to get it.

2) iPod® Devices

When the iPod® device first came on the market, it changed the way individuals to listen to music. Since then, it has evolved to become a tool for surfing the web, sharing music with complete strangers and even storing photos. But believe it or not, there are still plenty of people out there who want store copious amounts of music — and then keep it for themselves.

Today, even first-generation iPod® devices are selling well — as long as their batteries and screens still work — as music-storing devices or simply as collectors’ items.

3) iPad® Tablets

Even though the price of iPad® tablets has dropped precipitously since they first came on the market, used devices are still selling for tidy profits. Many people simply can’t afford to buy the latest and greatest iPad® tablet, so they go out looking for one that has been used.

And there are a lot of people in the market for used iPad® tablets.

Most of the people who buy used iPad® tablets want them to surf the web and play a little Candy Crush. They’re not trying to make the next great independent feature film. They like how easy iPad® tablets are to work.

They like the way they feel in their hands. And they like the fact that they have an Apple® iPad® tablet. So they’re willing to pay a pretty penny for them.

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