If you’re considering investing in a franchise in 2017, knowing about the best up-and-coming franchise opportunities can help you make the financial decision that’s right for you. There are a wide range of businesses from which to choose in locations across the country. Whether you’re interested in food service, technology, home services, or fitness, you’re likely to find an available up-and-coming opportunity in this article that speaks to you.

Fast Food and Restaurants

Hamburger restaurants, donut shops, sandwich places, and other food franchises have been major players in the franchise world for decades, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. No matter where you live, you recognize the brands in this market and can see how much business they do on a day-to-day basis.

Food service businesses take up six of the top ten spots in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 List, and they’re present consistently throughout the rest of the rankings. If preparing quality products and serving customers with a smile are two of your strengths and passions, this type of opportunity may be right for you.


Being fit and healthy is more important to individuals now than it ever has been, and this trend has corresponded with tremendous growth in the world of fitness franchising. Business opportunities in this industry include everything from traditional gyms with workout equipment to martial arts training facilities. Initial investments for this type of business can range anywhere from $100,000 to several million dollars. If you decide to put your money behind a fitness franchise, you should be passionate about helping people get strong and in shape.

Personal and Business Technology

Nearly everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket, and most people own multiple devices—including tablets, laptops, desktop computers, virtual reality headsets, and other business devices. Technology franchises tap into this market by providing person-to-person sales, repairs, and other services at locations throughout the country.

Franchise opportunities like Experimac give you the chance to take advantage of the staggering sales of both business and personal electronics. Their locations offer sales of pre-owned computers, tablets, cell phones at a significantly less price than buying new.

Home Services

As people get busier with jobs and personal lives, they have less time to take care of home chores like cleaning, minor repairs, pest control, and other services. This is why home service franchises are seeing explosive growth throughout the United States. By investing in this type of business, your ability to provide excellent customer service and interact with people in meaningful ways will have a big impact on your revenue. Home cleaning companies, senior care services, and repair and maintenance businesses are listed frequently in the Franchise 500 list.

When considering the best up-and-coming franchise opportunities for your investment, it’s important to focus on products and services you will be proud to sell in industries that you feel passionate about. Growth and profit are important factors when making a decision, but you also need to do thorough research to find out if specific franchise opportunities fit your personal circumstances and financial situation.

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