Franchising with Experimac is your chance to buy, sell, repair, and accept trade-ins on a huge variety of tech products. However, even though investing in a franchise is a smart business decision, you’re bound to have questions about the process. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about franchising with Experimac.

Why will my customers love going to Experimac?

Your customers will feel the difference. Experimac offers a big selection of tech for, on average, 60% off compared to big-box retailers selling similar pre-owned products. Customers come into Experimac franchise locations expecting and receiving a great deal, friendly customer service, and refurbished products with unique warranties and new batteries.

Experimac is, among other things, a cell phone repair franchise. So, if you’re looking to start an iPhone repair business, then you might have found a match with Experimac.

Customers understandably get frustrated when their phone screen gets cracked or when the battery needs to be repaired or replaced. Before Experimac, they might have had to make the difficult choice of losing a beloved phone or paying too much money and shipping their phone away for repairs. However, Experimac provides an alternative that’s both easy and cheaper.

How much is the overall investment and what does it cover?

The Experimac investment is between $136,000 to $277,000 for most investors and prospective locations. The franchise fee is $49,500 and the liquid capital requirement (i.e., access to liquidity, or cash, stocks, bonds, and securities collectively) is $50,000.

At Experimac, 1% of your sales or a nominal monthly expense of $500 will be allocated for advertising with the United Franchise Group. That’s obviously a plus. Your franchise fee will help you get off the ground by providing funds for grand opening assistance, help with equipment leasing, and technical assistance.

What is a day in the life of a franchisee really like?

As an Experimac franchisee, you’ll receive your initial training in West Palm Beach at the United Franchise Group headquarters. Then you’ll get personalized one-to-one training at your franchise location so that you’ll have the skills and confidence to sell, repair, and properly market the brands available at Experimac.

With Experimac, you can start an iPhone repair business at the same time that you: accept trade-ins; repair brand products; make online sales of pre-owned tech products, accessories, and electronics; and make periodic memory and software upgrades to your customers’ computers so that they’re always using the latest operating system.

Your Experimac franchise location will also act as an in-store repair center for local customers. There’s no need for your customers to ship their phones, tablets, or computers away for a couple of weeks. The best part for customers is that they can simply pop in at any time that fits their busy schedules: no appointments necessary. It’s all about offering value and convenience.

Two of the most common issues that you’ll undoubtedly run into are broken phone screens and LCD lights on devices that need replacing. You’ll also receive training and ongoing support to fix keyboards, individual buttons, upgrade broken jacks, replace batteries, and install new operating systems to ensure compatibility with the latest software.

Is the popular support for Experimac locations expanding?

Absolutely! Entrepreneur magazine reported that the number of Experimac locations in the United States shot up over 230% from 2016 to 2017. There is no better time than now to start an iPhone repair business with Experimac. The journey to getting started on the path to franchising begins with requesting more information today.