Are you searching the market for a new business opportunity? Experimac is just the innovative, exciting, and unique opportunity that you’ve been looking for. Franchising with us is a snap because of the appeal of and demand for our services, along with the high-quality training and support we provide to all of our franchisees. Read on to find out more about this exciting opportunity.

An Innovative Brand You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Experimac is an innovative brand because we specialize in finding ways to repair and refurbish older electronic devices to make them work like new. The result is that consumers get to enjoy the devices they invested in for longer, and have access to high-quality used devices for a fair price. Nowadays, all kinds of Americans rely on technology—did you know that roughly three-quarters of Americans now own a smartphone? With numbers like that, our services are in high demand.

We Offer Franchisees High-Quality Training and Support

It is an exciting time to franchise with Experimac because of the high-quality training and support we offer to our franchisees. As a member of the United Franchise Group, we are able to offer all of our franchisees extensive training and support that will help them as they prepare to open their business and as they progress.

Our franchisees will take part in a two-week training course at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida that will teach them the ins and outs of our brand. Afterwards, you can look forward to one-on-one training right in your store, along with ongoing communication with marketing experts who will help you to get the most business out of your territory.

A Unique Business Model for a Unique Opportunity

Finally, franchising with Experimac is a unique experience because of our business model. We offer trade-in credit on a range of devices, even devices that are several generations old. Even some manufacturers can’t offer trade on many of the items we do. This positions us as a unique force in the pre-owned device arena. Our flexible trade-in policy is just one of the reasons that customers love the services we provide and may account for our rapid expansion since 2012.

We are proud of the business model we have developed and we think that we have a lot to offer your community. If you’re interested in franchising with Experimac, give us a call today at 1-888-251-7693 or visit us online at to learn more about opening your own location.