Conservative estimates say that two-thirds of Americans owned smartphones in 2015, and that percentage has likely increased since then. More people than ever are using their smartphones to search the web, stay current with the news and their friends, and get work done remotely.

Because of growing smartphone ownership, the Apple iPhone® is consistently a hot seller. In fact, the iPhone 6s has been crowned the top-selling smartphone of all time worldwide. The number of worldwide shipments of the iPhone 6s is second only to the Apple iPhone 6.

In sum, there’s a huge market for smartphones in general and Apple iPhones in particular. That may be especially true for older versions of the Apple iPhone since they tend to ship by the tens of millions worldwide years after they’ve been released. This means there’s a fertile market for cell phone repair businesses.

Experimac Has an Amazing Franchise Blueprint

Experimac can give investors the chance to own a cell phone repair business, as well as the chance to buy, trade, and sell a range of Apple products, including tablets, Mac® computers, Apple watches®, and refurbished iPads. That’s a lot of revenue streams and a work environment that’s anything but boring.    

A lot of your customers will come into your Experimac location with an old device without knowing the worth of that particular device. You can steer these customers in the right direction, whether that’s repairing their old device or trading it in for a new one.

Accepting trade-ins that help defray the cost of a new Apple iPhone 7, for example, is one way that Experimac franchisees can give customers what they want. It’s just as likely, though, that customers will come in looking for diagnostic or repair help. You can help them with that, too.

Franchisees Receive Extensive Training

If you’re concerned about running a cell phone repair business without the requisite training, Experimac’s extensive franchisee training should put your mind at ease. Two weeks of initial training at Experimac’s headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, is followed by one-to-one training later on plus ongoing technical and marketing assistance.

Any iPhone training program should both address the most common problems intensively and focus on more complicated problems in enough depth that franchisees can tackle those issues for their customers.

That’s exactly what Experimac’s training does. You’ll learn how to remove and potentially replace an iPhone’s back panel and how to replace your customers’ iPhone batteries (relatively easy fixes). You’ll also learn how to repair the dock connector and replace the Home button (medium difficulty fixes).

In addition, you’ll learn how to replace the front display on older and newer iPhones. Chipped or cracked iPhone displays are an extremely common problem. Experimac has the training, United Franchise Group support, and blueprint to guide you along your franchise journey.

An Eco-Friendly Business