Opening a computer repair franchise might seem like a daunting prospect, but the truth is we work with lots of franchisees who have never owned their own business before. In actuality, many have never worked in computer or smartphone repair either. We’re able to help them break into the industry because we’ve developed both a comprehensive training and support program designed to teach them what they need to know and provide them with valuable resources within a turnkey system. Learn about some fundamental ways we support our franchisees before and after they open their Experimax computer repair franchises.

1. Training from the Bottom Up

We get our franchisees onto the same page by providing them with training. Through a combination of on-site and online learning, we’ll show you how to handle things like:

  • Repairing devices
  • Trade-in and sales policies
  • Managing bookkeeping and billing
  • Finding and retaining customers
  • Meeting growth goals
  • And much more

You’ll be working directly with our experts, so you’ll have every opportunity to get your questions answered. By the time your computer repair franchise opens its doors, you should feel confident and ready to hit the ground running.

2. Location Scouting Assistance

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of finding the right location for your computer repair franchise. You’ll want to find a location that’s highly visible and accessible for your customers yet isn’t cost-prohibitive. We’ve opened around 100 Experimax locations since we went into business in 2009, so we know just what to look for. 

Together, we’ll decide on the right franchise concept – whether that means opening a kiosk, a location in a shopping center, or even a freestanding store. Then, we’ll provide you with guidance to help you find just the right space to set up shop. Of course, you can also count on us to work with you as you build out, furnish, and stock your location.

3. Marketing Assistance

You’ll need to spread the word about your new computer repair franchise to customers in your area, and we’re well-equipped to help. For one thing, we’ve built up a cache of ready-made marketing materials to simplify the process. Furthermore, our team will help you identify the right channels to reach your target audience. 

Independent business owners often go through great hassle and expense to launch marketing campaigns, but our support simplifies the process considerably to help you achieve the best results. 

4. Business Coaching as You Grow

Experimax provides franchisees with individualized business coaching and guidance to help them meet their growth targets. If you run into an obstacle, have questions, or just aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for, you can count on our expert team to be there with advice, guidance, and solutions. Experimax exemplifies the idea of being in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Contact Experimax today to learn more about the many ways we support our franchisees throughout the life of their business!