Experimax makes owning an electronics franchise simple. Here, we’ll break down our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and describe the steps to owning an electronics franchise.

Did you know that our electronics franchise is part of a $300bn-plus technology industry? With such a big, booming industry, there is plenty of room for newcomers to thrive.

There’s never been a better time to own an electronics franchise. At Experimax, we provide product repairs and upgrades on premium certified pre-owned electronics like laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other mobile technologies. Our service is essential, as it keeps customers connected and able to work remotely.

Why an Electronics Franchise with Experimax?

Investing in an electronics franchise is a big decision. There are other options out there, but none offer all of what Experimax can. We believe certified pre-owned is better when you need a new device without the premium price.

We’re technically three businesses in one: we take trade-ins, provide on-site repairs, and sell quality refurbished devices. Our business model allows us to work on any number of devices, so we often have a wide variety of parts on hand.

Even if you’re not an expert at electronics, you can rest assured that partnering with Experimax will provide you with all the training you need to learn to run your business effectively. We’ll show you how to leverage our time-tested cell phone franchise model.

Our brand is available across the U.S., and our services are consistently in demand. We take trade-ins our competitors wouldn’t accept, and we offer our quality products and services for a fair price.

Experimax is part of a group of franchises under the parent company, United Franchise Group (UFG). With UFG as our partner, we have all of the resources and experience needed to provide exceptional resources for franchisees. These resources include comprehensive training and support, from when you first open to becoming a master at our procedures.

What Is a Franchise Disclosure Document?

When you’re ready to open an electronics franchise, you’ll likely run into many franchising terms along the way. One of the most used terms is “Franchise Disclosure Document.” But what is it?

An FDD provides prospective franchisees relevant information about the franchisor, the franchise system, and current franchise agreements. This necessary part of the research step is a great place for future franchise owners to make an informed decision about the opportunity.

Items that are usually covered in the FDD include:

  • Item 1: A description of the franchisor, company, and its history.

  • Item 2: Outlines the franchisor’s biographical and professional experience.

  • Item 3: Provides relevant current and past criminal and civil litigation for the franchisor.

  • Item 4: Pertinent info, if the franchisor and any management have gone through a bankruptcy.

  • Item 5: Information about the initial fees and explanation of factors.

  • Item 6: Other fees or recurring payments that must be made.

  • Item 7: Information about the initial investment and all of the expenditures required.

  • Item 8: The franchisor’s restrictions that are in place in regards to uniform quality of products and services for quality standards purposes.

  • Item 9: Where franchisees can find the obligations they agreed to.

  • Item 10: Any terms and conditions of financing arrangements offered by the franchisor.

  • Item 11: The services that the franchisor will provide for the franchisees.

  • Item 12: A description of the exclusive territory and modified territories.

  • Item 13: Information about the franchisor’s trademarks, service, and trade names.

  • Item 14: The patents, copyrights, and proprietary information that can be used by the franchisee.

  • Item 15: Describes the obligation of the franchisee to participate in business operations.

  • Item 16: Restrictions on the goods and services that the franchisee may offer.

  • Item 17: The rights and restrictions regarding renewal, termination, transfer, and dispute resolution of your franchise.

  • Item 18: If the franchisor uses public figures, this section will explain the payment process.

  • Item 19: The franchisor can provide information on unit financial performance.

  • Item 20: Information about the locations and contact information of existing franchises.

  • Item 21: The franchisor’s audited financial statements for the past three years.

  • Item 22: All of the agreements the franchisee will be required to sign.

  • Item 23: Here, you’ll sign receipt of the FDD.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Experimax electronics franchise opportunity, reach out to us today for our complete Franchise Disclosure Document.

There’s never been a better time to partner with our team to learn more about our Franchise Disclosure Document and electronics franchise with Experimax. Contact us today to get started!