Forget the necktie. Why not try on a family business for Father’s Day? Franchisees play a major role in the U.S. economy, contributing more than two trillion dollars, creating 18 million jobs, and establishing 825,000 businesses. A significant number of those franchises are a family affair: parent-child partnerships, husband-wife teams, and multi-generational family startups. While their success isn’t guaranteed, having a built-in support system under the Experimac® brand can increase the odds in their favor.

Benefits of a Family-Owned Franchise

Owners operating a family-owned franchise have the benefit of shared responsibility as family members pitch in to cover extra shifts, assist with customers, and help with strategic planning. Their sense of loyalty to one another and vested interest in the overall success of the family can be a strong motivator. Rolling up their sleeves — literally or figuratively — fosters a genuine team spirit that, when leveraged smartly, can yield winning results for everyone.

Build a Family Legacy

A successful family-owned franchise can be a building block for a lasting family legacy. It’s estimated that 70 percent of family-owned startups struggle to survive; with only 10 percent remaining viable for future generations. For this reason, franchising may be the best option for families looking for a proven model of success, easing some of the pressure that comes with a competitive marketplace. Experimac prides itself on giving owners the best start long before they open their doors to their first customers.

Stephen Lyle, a retiree turned Experimac store owner in South Tulsa, recalls the early stages of his first location. He says having a turnkey business that he could build upon saved him time and money.

“There’s a tremendous amount of help getting the store launched,” says Lyle. “We have inventory immediately, and the team is with you, making sure the store is very presentable — a refined retail experience. There’s a training program for the staff — all of it makes us look good out of the gate.”

Family Franchising Lessons

Lyle’s store isn’t a family operation, but as a parent, he sees the benefits of bringing children on board. The day-to-day operation of an Experimac store is a great way to engage younger, tech-savvy relatives who can keep the business fresh and competitive. Plus, more seasoned family members can pass along timeless wisdom to their children and future generations.  Father’s Day is the perfect time to explore franchising as a family opportunity.

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you live — that’s what kids see,” Lyle explains. “I focus on how I would like my kids to live and then live in that way. At the store, they can see me taking care of people and focusing less on myself. You’re teaching them to do for others and how to treat people; that’s what counts.”


Stephen Lyle was looking for a career change after he retired from corporate IT job.

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