If you’re looking to know how to market your computer repair business, Experimax can help. Experimax is the leader in computer repair franchises. We’re one-of-a-kind in that we offer high-quality pre-owned products and accessories, provide repairs, take trade-ins, and update software and systems. Our innovative concept is more like two businesses rolled into one: on the one hand, we cover the sales side, and on the other, we offer repairs, upgrades, and other services. We’re a one-stop location for all of your technology needs. 

The electronic and computer repair services industry is valued at $18.0B, reports IBISWorld. Despite having been affected by the pandemic, the computer repair business is expected to recover and increase from 2020 to 2025. Currently, consumers have limited, unfavorable options when it comes to computer failure solutions. You can pay a couple of hundred dollars for a new computer or get hit with the double-whammy of paying to have it looked at, and eventually, even more for repairs. Warranties are full of hidden clauses that can leave most repairs uncovered. 

The Future of Computer Repair Businesses

It doesn’t have to be that way — our goal is to change the way people look at computer repair franchises. At Experimax, we aren’t trying to get the most sales or undercut our customers in the process. Our experts focus on the customer first and advise them to the very best of our abilities after rigorous training and vetting. We demand excellence and expertise from our employees, and with that, consumers trust us with their devices. 

Experimax goes beyond the computer repair business by specializing in quality pre-owned products and accessories from the brands consumers love. We offer trade-ins and upgrades, buy pre-owned devices, sell pre-owned and refurbished devices, and provide software and system updates. This allows our franchisees to capitalize on several different revenue streams. We’re a one-stop-shop for buying, selling, upgrading, repairing, and refurbing name-brand electronics. 

The quality and dedication we provide each and every customer, combined with the high-end brands we support, positions Experimax as a major player in the computer repair industry. 

How to Market Your Computer Repair Business

If you’re considering a computer repair franchise with Experimax, you’ll need marketing support to bring in customers from your area. We’re well-equipped to help with a cache of ready-made marketing materials, and our marketing experts can identify the most effective channels to reach your target audience. 

When it comes to launching marketing campaigns, our support helps simplify the process to avoid hassles and expense and at the same time, produce the best results. Experimax will give you a competitive advantage from the start. We market your computer repair business by emphasizing what makes your business unique in the field. 

When our franchisees learn about how to market their computer repair service, we help them keep their target audience engaged by utilizing the appropriate channels. Since technology is a significantly large industry serving many different age groups, it generates a broad target audience with unique appeal.   

Experimax has extensive experience marketing our computer repair services, and we pass this knowledge on to our franchisees to create and implement the most effective campaigns possible. We utilize our third-party connections for advertising, making it simple for franchisees to get the word out about their business. 

There’s never been a better time to partner with our team and learn more about how to market your computer repair franchises. Contact us today to get started!