If you’ve done any research on franchising, you’ve probably heard of United Franchise Group (UFG) or its brands. UFG is a leader in the franchising space, with vast resources and experience supporting the hundreds of franchisees with which they work. Here, learn more about how UFG strengthens Experimax, making it a more lucrative opportunity for franchisees.

About United Franchise Group

United Franchise Group got started back in 1986 when father and son Roy and Ray Titus decided to open the very first Signarama. Their first location was such a success that they decided to expand by franchising. Before long, there were Signarama stores across the country. Today, there are over 600 Signarama locations around the world!

Their early success with Signarama inspired them to add other brands to their portfolio. They branded their new company UFG and applied the same strategies to their subsequent brands as they did to Signarama. Today, UFG owns numerous growing franchise brands such as:

  • Experimax
  • Venture X
  • Transworld

. . . and many others. Three generations of the Titus family have helped grow UFG into the winning team it is today.

Unrivaled Expertise

Having been in franchising since 1986, the experts at United Franchise Group know what it takes to open a thriving franchise. They’ve streamlined numerous processes to yield the greatest results as quickly as possible. For instance, when you open an Experimax franchise, you can look forward to:

Pre-Opening Assistance: We’ll work with you to find the perfect location for your new store, whether it’s a freestanding store, a shopping center location, or a kiosk. Then, we’ll walk you through the process of building it out and opening your doors.

Marketing Support: UFG works with industry-leading marketing experts who know how to help new stores get the attention of their customer base. They’ll help you customize ready-made materials, identify the most effective channels, and launch a great campaign.

Initial and Ongoing Training: Exerimax’s training program was designed by experts who know how to break down a system into manageable parts so newcomers can easily grasp key concepts. They’ll help you master the Experimax model before you open and provide you with ongoing training as you grow your business. 

United Franchise Group hasn’t just opened new locations once or twice – they have over 1600 locations worldwide! All of that experience has led to unbeatable training and support for every franchisee. 

As you can see, one of the best reasons to franchise with Experimax is the fact that we are backed by UFG. Why choose another franchisor when you could have industry leaders on your side?

Contact Experimax today to learn more about how we’re strengthened by UFG.