There are lots of perks associated with opening a cell phone repair franchise. Many people partner with Experimax because they’d like to earn more or add a lucrative business to their investment portfolio. However, Experimax franchisees also enjoy a great deal of freedom and can typically balance their work and home lives as they see fit. This freedom makes Experimax a beneficial opportunity for anyone looking to spend more time with family. Here, learn more about some of the many advantages of opening a cell phone repair franchise with Experimax.

How Much Can I Earn?

That question depends on many factors, such as your location and also the franchise concept you choose. Our flexible model can be implemented anywhere from a freestanding store to a mall kiosk! When you contact us, we’ll get more information about what type of franchise you’d like to open. Then we’ll be able to give you a personalized estimate as to how much you could earn.

That said, opening a cell phone repair franchise is an exciting opportunity because ours is a booming industry. It’s valued at around $4 billion with steady growth from 2015-2020. Simultaneously, the number of Americans who own smartphones is also growing – the estimation is that 81% of Americans own one today. With these factors in mind, it’s easy to see how many prospective customers there are in every community. Now is a great time to stake your claim in the business. 

As an Experimax franchisee, you’ll be responsible for paying modest recurring fees, as well as labor and inventory costs, and so forth. However, you’ll enjoy the majority of the profits at the end of the day. The better your business performs, the more you can earn.

A great way to maximize your return on investment is to take advantage of our exciting multi-unit franchise opportunities. We offer exclusive discounts to franchisees who opt to open more than one location – contact us for the details.

Enjoy Career Freedom

Experimax is a great franchise opportunity for anyone tired of the corporate grind. Corporate jobs provide great stability, but not much flexibility. Vacation days need to be approved well in advance. Sick days are limited and require you to go through human resources. Opening a cell phone repair franchise allows you to change all that.

Our franchisees have a reasonable amount of freedom to create a role for themselves in their business. Some franchisees choose to work as managers in their locations. Others choose to trust operations to their staff and oversee things from a higher level. Whatever you decide to do, you can optimally set your own schedule, balancing work and home as you see fit. 

If you’re looking for more from your career, opening a cell phone repair franchise could be right for you. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunity.