If you’re thinking about opening a cell phone repair franchise, a key thing to consider is the service you will give your customers. Consumers don’t just expect good service: they expect outstanding service every time, and even little things can impact whether or not they return to your store. Providing excellent customer service is critical if your franchise is going to succeed, so take a look at these 5 tips for exceeding customers’ expectations.


When it comes to technology, many people feel in the dark about how things work. This creates delicate situations when you are repairing your customers’ cell phones, which they depend on for everything from phone calls to internet browsing to entertainment. It is important to talk to your customers in a way that doesn’t intimidate or belittle them–start with a smile and speak politely both in person and on the phone. Additionally, only one side of communication is talking, so make sure that you are listening to your customers to most effectively meet their needs.

Know Your Products

In a cell phone repair franchise, is it crucial that you know the ins and outs of the products you offer, including repairing and upgrading technology. You can learn how these products work so that you are confident in helping your customers. Training is important because if your customers can tell that you aren’t confident in how to fix their device, they won’t want to trust you with their repairs.

Be Patient

As the owner of a cell phone repair franchise, you are likely dealing with customers who are frustrated or upset. People rely on their phones for virtually everything, as we have already mentioned, so when a smart phone needs repairing it can be stressful for your customers. Staying patient when your customers come to you in a tense situation is key to giving them great service. In addition, be attentive as they tell you what they need and what is wrong; combined with patience, your attentiveness will create loyal customers.

Stay Positive

Customers pick up on subtle cues in your speech, so make an effort to use language with a positive spin. Instead of saying, “I can’t fix this until next week,” try something like, “We will get to your repair next week.” It sounds like a small thing but focusing on what you can do for your customers will make them feel like you are making them a priority.

Train Your Employees

Even though you are the owner, you can’t be there for every single customer interaction within your store, so it is imperative to train your employees well. Start by looking for employees with previous customer service experience and outgoing, friendly personalities to make the training process easier. After they are hired, use these tips to train them on how they should be interacting with your customers. Good customer service has to come from everyone in your store.

As franchise owner, you have a lot on your plate; dealing with everything from employees to budgets to marketing can be a lot, but you cannot lose sight of your customers. Excellent customer service is key if you want your franchise to thrive, so follow these tips to give the best service possible.

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