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A Growing Industry: Why Now Is the Time to Invest

picking up a smartphone with a shattered screen
If you’re looking to break into the computer repair industry, congratulations: you’ve identified an exciting opportunity and picked a great time to act. Many people already know that starting a computer or phone repair business is a great way to go to work for themselves, but they lack the experience to invest confidently. Don’t let[...]
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3 Ways to Prepare Yourself to Open a Cell Phone Repair Franchise

cell phone repair franchise
When you’re first considering how to start a cell phone repair business, many questions probably run through your mind. As with any investment, you want to make sure you’re completely confident in the industry and in the business before you take that next big step. At Experimax, we know that starting a cell phone repair[...]
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What Exactly Does Experimax Do?

computer repair business
It’s easy to answer the question of, “What does your company do?” by just pointing at our Experimax logo– there is unquestionably greater depth that comes with what Experimax has to offer as a computer repair business. Experimax is a quality pre-owned product and computer repair franchise that caters to the needs of any type[...]
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Learn Why Investing Is a Simple and Easy Process

computer franchise
We are understanding that investing your hard-earned capital into any industry can be a stress-inducing period. We can’t blame investors for their diligence when deciding– you’ll want all the information about a company you can get before you commit to an investment. Experimax is here to let potential franchisees know that an investment in a[...]
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Why Choose Experimax? 3 Reasons Why We Are a Great Fit

Computer Repair Industry Experimax Franchise
The computer repair industry is thriving as more and more people rely on technology to support their personal and professional lives. Experimax has made a name for ourselves as a trusted source for high-quality computer repair and replacement at a great price, and our franchisees regard us as an expert industry force dedicated to guiding[...]
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Common Financing Fears Debunked

cell phone franchises
With many cell phone franchises to choose from, prospective franchisees find themselves doing careful research on the differences between investments. Starting any new business requires a significant initial investment, and a cell phone franchise is no exception. At Experimax, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of what’s included when you partner with us and how much[...]
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