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You Don’t Need Experience to Open a Franchise

how to start a computer repair business
Does it sound too good to be true? It isn’t! You don’t need any experience to start an Experimax franchise. Experimax’s thorough training program equips franchisees for the technical, business, and marketing skills you will need. In addition to showing you how to start a computer repair business, we guide you through the process from start[...]
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3 Ways the Franchisor Supports Our Franchisees

computer business franchise
Unparalleled franchisor support — it’s undeniably one of the most important elements of the franchising experience. It helps alleviate the inherent stress and anxiety that could be commonly associated with the start-up stages of any independent business venture, and our Experimax franchise team believes that we have an unparalleled approach to doing just that. We[...]
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Your Next Big Business Venture — Reasons to Choose Franchising

computer repair franchise opportunities
Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or are looking to start your own business for the first time, there’s considerable value in computer repair franchise opportunities. More people than ever rely on computers and mobile devices to enrich their work and social lives, and they need businesses like Experimax to keep them connected. Read on to[...]
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A Growing Industry: Why Now Is the Time to Invest

picking up a smartphone with a shattered screen
If you’re looking to break into the computer repair industry, congratulations: you’ve identified an exciting opportunity and picked a great time to act. Many people already know that starting a computer or phone repair business is a great way to go to work for themselves, but they lack the experience to invest confidently. Don’t let[...]
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3 Ways to Prepare Yourself to Open a Cell Phone Repair Franchise

cell phone repair franchise
When you’re first considering how to start a cell phone repair business, many questions probably run through your mind. As with any investment, you want to make sure you’re completely confident in the industry and in the business before you take that next big step. At Experimax, we know that starting a cell phone repair[...]
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What Exactly Does Experimax Do?

computer repair business
It’s easy to answer the question of, “What does your company do?” by just pointing at our Experimax logo– there is unquestionably greater depth that comes with what Experimax has to offer as a computer repair business. Experimax is a quality pre-owned product and computer repair franchise that caters to the needs of any type[...]
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