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Tech-Savvy Graduates Entering the Workforce Make Perfect Experimac Staff Members

Unlike generations before them, recent college and high school graduates came of age with smartphones in their hands and laptops at their fingertips. They make a perfect pool of potential Experimac employees — knowledgeable staff members who could easily understand customers’ problems and needs. Millennials, and members of the younger Generation Z, are entering the[...]
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Experimax vs. Apple: Franchise Offers Convenient, Affordable and Reliable Repairs

It’s often said there’s more than one way to climb a mountain. For iPhone, iPad, and MacBook users, there’s more than one way to achieve convenient, affordable and reliable repairs. The Experimac® team of highly-skilled technicians have learned the inner workings of Apple® products, making them the premier option for customers seeking an alternative to[...]
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Why You Don’t Need to be a Technical Expert to Franchise

computer repair business experimac
The technology industry is a $304 billion industry and is poised to keep growing. If you’re thinking of getting into the computer repair business, chances are you’ve wondered if you have enough experience with technology. You might be surprised to learn that when you franchise with Experimac, you don’t need a background in technology or[...]
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Know the Franchising Terms and Become an Expert

technology franchise experimac
Opening your own technology franchise can be an exciting but exhausting experience. For one thing, the world of franchising is rife with jargon that can sometimes be hard to decipher for newcomers. In this guide, we’ll break down some of these terms so you can research franchises like an expert. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) The[...]
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3 Frequently Asked Questions About the Emerging Computer Franchise Market

experimac computer franchise
Are you thinking of opening your own computer franchise? If so, you probably have some questions about the tech industry. The electronics business is booming, and franchises like Experimac that deal in pre-owned devices have established a niche in the marketplace. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the industry. Just How Big is[...]
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What to Look for in a Great Location for Your Franchise

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If you’re looking for a cell phone repair business opportunity, or other tech repair business opportunity, an Experimac franchise might be right for you. We are a one-stop shopping destination for repairs and upgrades as well as pre-owned products such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones. We also offer our customers options on getting in-store[...]
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