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Does Your Computer Have You Seeing Sparks?

The beginning of autumn is always a busy time of year. Keeping up with the kids and their activities, family gatherings and much more can leave us with little downtime to do some things that might need to get done. These tasks are put on the back burner because they couldn’t possibly get completed so[...]
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It’s Hot this Summer, and So Is the Tech Repair Industry

Electronic devices constantly need updating and repairing, and that need is never going away. Dealing with a broken computer or cell phone is incredibly frustrating, and most consumers don’t even know where to begin to try and fix a computer problem on their own. This is where the tech repair industry comes in. We are[...]
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Get Schooled on the Ultimate Experimac Location: College Towns

Since the beginning of time, college towns have been the perfect location for two types of businesses: bars and pizza joints. The world has changed in the past few years and there’s now another can’t-miss business that’s taking over college campuses: computer repair stores. Everywhere you turn on a college campus you see students typing[...]
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Tech-Savvy Graduates Entering the Workforce Make Perfect Experimac Staff Members

Unlike generations before them, recent college and high school graduates came of age with smartphones in their hands and laptops at their fingertips. They make a perfect pool of potential Experimac employees — knowledgeable staff members who could easily understand customers’ problems and needs. Millennials, and members of the younger Generation Z, are entering the[...]
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Experimax vs. Apple: Franchise Offers Convenient, Affordable and Reliable Repairs

It’s often said there’s more than one way to climb a mountain. For iPhone, iPad, and MacBook users, there’s more than one way to achieve convenient, affordable and reliable repairs. The Experimac® team of highly-skilled technicians have learned the inner workings of Apple® products, making them the premier option for customers seeking an alternative to[...]
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A Franchise For Father’s Day

Forget the necktie. Why not try on a family business for Father’s Day? Franchisees play a major role in the U.S. economy, contributing more than two trillion dollars, creating 18 million jobs, and establishing 825,000 businesses. A significant number of those franchises are a family affair: parent-child partnerships, husband-wife teams, and multi-generational family startups. While[...]
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