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Experimax Ranked One of Top 10 New Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine

Experimac, the fast-growing technology repair franchise that focuses on sales and service of pre-owned computers, cell phones and other electronic devices, was recently ranked in Entrepreneur magazine’s Rising Stars: The Top 100 New Franchises to Keep Your Eyes On list. The list recognizes companies that have been franchising for five years or less but are[...]
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Why Take a Bite Out of the Apple® Repair Industry?

That’s a great question, and Experimac® is the simplest answer. Since Experimac got its start in 2014, the company has grown rapidly thanks to franchisees who recognized the strength of its business model and Apple’s dominance in the computer and mobile device industries. Fast Facts Apple® sold more than 77 million iPhones in the first[...]
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How to Turn Curious Customers into Loyal Clients

News travels fast and that includes bad news, which is why poor customer service can harm a company’s brand and its bottom line. Consumer studies show its seven times more expensive to recruit a new customer than to keep a loyal one. That’s why a customer entering an Experimac® store receives quality customer service from[...]
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A Focus on the Experimac Concept: What Makes it Special?

smart phone repair experimac
We’ve built Experimac into a strong force in the electronics industry. Part of the reason for our growth is how we’ve established Experimac as a one-stop-shop for all of our consumer’s needs. Whether they need a device repaired, are on the market for a new piece of technology, or have an old device to sell[...]
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The FDD in a Pinch: Everything You Should Know

computer repair industry experimac
What is the FDD? The FDD is one of the most important documents involved in opening a franchise. The FDD outlines everything you should know about the company you’re about to partner with. Information on litigation, number of locations, profits and losses, and much more is included in the FDD. You’ll have at least two[...]
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3 Frequently Asked Questions About the Emerging Computer Franchise Market

experimac computer franchise
Are you thinking of opening your own computer franchise? If so, you probably have some questions about the tech industry. The electronics business is booming, and franchises like Experimac that deal in pre-owned devices have established a niche in the marketplace. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the industry. Just How Big is[...]
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