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Cell Phone Franchise Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss Out On with Experimac

Experimac is a unique voice among franchises because it capitalizes on past, current, and future technologies in a way that dependably affords investors multiple revenue streams.

As an investor in Experimac, you can go beyond the earnings potential of a regular cell phone repair business for two reasons. First, you’ll be dealing with coveted Apple® products, and second, you’ll be selling the hottest pre-owned devices.

At Experimac, multiple revenue streams mean that you’ll be trained how to appraise, buy, sell, trade, and repair pre-owned Apple® products and that you’ll be dealing with a variety of devices and accessories.

Cell Phone Franchise Opportunities Are Calling!

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners recently found that there are over 100 million active iPhones® in the United States today. That number has only increased since the unveiling of the iPhone 7, Apple Watch, and Apple iPad® Pro.

As an Experimac franchisee, you’ll have the chance to capitalize on the release of all of these new devices. That might mean repairing older iterations of the iPhone, selling iPhone accessories like chargers and earbuds, or accepting trade-ins for iPhone mobile devices.

Experimac has been an innovator in technology sales and services since its inception four years ago. The fact that Experimac offers multiple revenue streams and remains well positioned to profit from turnovers in technology means more cell phone franchise opportunities for investors.

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Part of the United Franchise Group

United Franchise Group CEO Ray Titus took Experimac under the wings of United Franchise Group because of its quick and proven earnings potential. Since that time, Experimac has expanded to over 80 locations from coast to coast and looks to continue that expansion trend. This growth is buoyed by Apple’s growth and by the fact that personal computers accounted for more than $300 billion worldwide in sales revenue.

Apple products also inspire incredible satisfaction and brand loyalty from consumers, which means that even when they choose to trade in an Apple product, they’re often doing so to get a more recent version from a brand they’ve come to depend on.

Repair, Trade, and Sell Pre-owned Apple iPhones

Pre-owned Apple products are also top sellers because of the integrity and strength of Experimac’s very own Certified Pre-owned process.

Experimac customers are constantly asking about pre-owned Apple iPhones because they know that when they purchase from Experimac they’re getting a device with all the bells and whistles for significantly under list price.

SquareTrade—an electronics insurance company—found that there’s also a huge market in iPhone repairs since Americans collectively spent over $20 billion on smartphone repairs and replacements from 2008 to 2014.

Cracked screens are a common problem for customers, perhaps second only to iPhone damage caused by drops and accidental submersion in water. It’s not uncommon for Experimac customers to come in with a cracked iPhone (with limited functionality) in search of repair, replacement, or trade-in.

All of those customers present opportunities for Experimac owners to reaffirm the reason behind Apple’s incredible brand loyalty in an age of lightning-fast tech turnover.

Do you want an opportunity of your own? Find out how you can open an Experimac franchise here.