Unparalleled franchisor support — it’s undeniably one of the most important elements of the franchising experience. It helps alleviate the inherent stress and anxiety that could be commonly associated with the start-up stages of any independent business venture, and our Experimax franchise team believes that we have an unparalleled approach to doing just that. We know that there is plenty to learn throughout every stage of your Experimax franchise business development, so our experts want to help you build your foundation. Let’s discover a few of the ways our team will help develop your understanding of our computer business franchise model.


Best Business Practices Training

Our franchisees come from a multitude of backgrounds, so someone’s got to get them up to speed! Part of the Experimax franchise process is learning the ‘ins-and-outs’ of our business practices and client development early on. In order to do so, we invite franchisees out to visit our United Franchise Group headquarters, located in the gorgeous West Palm Beach, Florida area, to take part in our two-week franchisor training. We believe this is some of the most advanced and complete training in our industry, covering a variety of brand-specific topics. This experience is an excellent opportunity for new Experimax business owners to prepare themselves for their computer business franchise responsibilities. 

Once this stage of your training is finished, it’s time to hop over to where all the Experimax magic happens. Franchisees continue their training in their own location to learn about a variety of topics, from technical to marketing knowledge. This part of the process involves a bit of one-on-one training with one of our franchising experts. Who better to learn from? We also open up the opportunity for franchisees to take part in our brand conventions and leadership summits in order to grow their brand familiarity even further. 


Site Set-up Guidance

Arguably, one of the most important stages of building your business is finding its home. We know our consumer and we want to help you find them. During your site-selection process, Experimax helps guide you to an ideal area that hopefully generates consistent foot traffic for your business. Our direction is based on both our time in the industry along with our extensive demographic research.

But finding your spot is only step one, we continue to show our full Experimax franchise support by assisting with your store set-up and lease negotiation strategies. Our approach to finding your business’ home base should alleviate your start-up stress, and hopefully, get your business on the right track and moving forward. 


Market Research and Development 

At the end of the day, we are a tech company — so we know your physical location isn’t the only place your consumer will find you. And there is nothing that compliments a firm business strategy and service like a bonified digital approach. Marketing and advertising guidance, backed by effective outreach strategies, are a couple of ways that the Experimax team will help you establish your businesses’ presence. This includes website and social media support, complemented by additional guidance throughout the life of your business. Experimax wants to help you utilize the tools that facilitate a quicker return on investment — now all you have to do is take the first step toward your new business adventure!


Are you thinking about taking that first step to starting a computer business franchise? Then let’s talk about it — feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have!