Experimax is a unique iPhone repair business dedicated to customer service. Because it holds such a niche in the industry, Experimax looks for perfect candidates to be franchisees. If these qualities pertain to you, you may be just right for an Experimax franchise. Even if you don’t find that any of these qualities pertain to you, talk to us and we can tell you with certainty if Experimax is your future franchise.

A Good Attitude

This is not something any training can provide when you are looking to open an Experimax franchise. For anyone who is looking to open an iPhone repair business, having a bright personality can take you a long way. Being good with people is a very important quality in most types of businesses, especially Experimax. All different types of people are going to walk through those doors, and they will have a wide range of different knowledge about technology.

Customer service is one of the key attributes that makes Experimax so unique, and if you are unsure of the positivity and attitude you could bring to our company this may not be the franchise for you.

Eagerness and Willingness to Learn

Experimax will teach you everything you need to know about the company and the industry, but you have to be able and willing to learn the information. Experimax is a nationwide company and has a reputation it expects its franchisees to uphold. With that being said, franchisees are expected to know what they are doing and how to do it well for both the company and the customers.

Knowledgeable with Technology

Although not required to invest in an Experimax, having some technological knowledge could help you with your franchise. It is useful to understand the iPhone repair business and the industry in order to be successful. Experimax requires training and support to all of their franchisees, however they cannot teach you everything in just two weeks. Having some knowledge going into the franchise training can really give you a leg up in the industry.

Business Experience

Owning a franchise is similar to owning a business, so having business experience or knowledge could really start you off on the right foot with Experimax. Although it is not required, Experimax can only provide so much information on business affairs such as bookkeeping and other managerial duties. Having basic knowledge about business and the industry can really help in running a franchise.

If you have any or all of these qualities, an Experimax franchise may be right for you. We love dedicated individuals with a passion for the field and a positive attitude to bring forth to their franchise. The iPhone repair business industry is growing, and there is plentiful opportunities for Experimax franchises.

However, Experimax expects that franchisees will keep their ideology of customer service being a high priority, and we strive for franchisees who can do their job and do it well. If you think Experimax is right for you, read more information about our franchises. Welcome to the team!

Simplifying the Franchise Process