Experimax is a computer franchise business that gives you instant access to multiple revenue streams and puts a huge amount of marketing and advertising resources at your disposal. Continue reading for facts that you might not have known about Experimax.

Member of the United Franchise Group

Experimax has recently partnered with the United Franchise Group, which brings over a generation of international business experience to the table.

Multiple, Diverse Revenue Streams

Experimax gives franchisees the chance to sell highly valued pre-owned iPhones, iPads, iPods, and a variety of computers to local customers.

On top of that, Experimax investors undergo training to give them the confidence and professional skills to repair and potentially resell a variety of devices.

These products have some of the highest resale values in the industry, and according to many reports, they have the highest brand loyalty of any consumer tech device company today. Those two factors mean that both buyers and sellers love buying new and pre-owned products and will often eagerly trade in older models for the latest version.

Since the first Experimax location opened in 2012, Experimax franchisees have been diversifying their revenue streams with the sale of accessories and upgrades. You might find yourself selling a replacement charger for an iPad Pro tablet or installing a new battery into an pre-owned iPhone 5s, for example.

Whenever new customers walk through your doors with devices they’re ready to sell back, you have an exciting opportunity to accept a trade-in and make both sides (you and the seller) happy.

Experimax Has Been Expanding Rapidly

Experimax has shown nearly 4000 percent growth over the last three years, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

Multiple revenue streams have definitely played an instrumental role in that growth, but so has the leadership and training at Experimax, Experimax’s membership in the United Franchise Group, and the commitment of area developers to locate and set you up in promising growth markets around the country.

Experimax was founded in 2009 in response to the huge brand loyalty and broad consumer interest in pre-owned smartphones, laptops, computers, devices, and accessories.

A $300-billion Industry Awaits Qualified Investors

In a single year (2014), more than 300 million personal computers were sold with estimated sales revenues of more than a quarter-trillion dollars all told. In addition, almost 7 billion subscriptions for cell phones were bought or extended that same year.

Considering there were 7.1 billion people in the world in 2014, that’s about one cell phone subscription for every man, woman, and child on the planet!

Experimax Is a Turnkey Investment

Experimax’s one-time franchise fee and net worth requirements are extremely competitive compared to other computer franchise businesses.

You’ll work with experienced staff from Day 1 to find the ideal location, receive training and support, and get in on the ground floor of an exciting emerging market.