The beginning of autumn is always a busy time of year. Keeping up with the kids and their activities, family gatherings and much more can leave us with little downtime to do some things that might need to get done. These tasks are put on the back burner because they couldn’t possibly get completed so quickly! A computer repair, though, is a different story. At Experimac, we provide same-day service, and some repairs can even be done quickly, on the spot, while customers wait in the store. With the unparalleled customer service that we provide here at Experimac, our customers will be able to happily get back to living their lives sooner this summer, instead of waiting around in a mall while their computer has them seeing sparks.

Experimac offers all types of repairs and upgrades for just about every Apple® product out there. From iPads to iPhones, Mac computers and laptops, to the accessories that accompany these products, we offer the best customer service to keep devices up and running like new, FAST! If you’re looking for a fast-paced, thriving environment that is of great service to the public, look no further than Experimac. Opening your own Experimac franchise won’t only get your customers back to their summer quicker, but you’ll be able to enjoy yours more too!

Our Experimac stores stock the highest-quality replacement parts to upgrade devices as they age. Instead of purchasing brand new, expensive Apple products, customers can come to your Experimac to purchase updated, used Apple products that you have in store. We have the ability to quickly replace shattered iPhone screens and malfunctioning hard drives, while also installing the latest and greatest hardware on customers’ devices to keep them satisfied. At Experimac, customers get to upgrade their devices without paying full price for a new product, which the Apple Store can’t compete with. We offer the lowest repair rates and faster service than the name brand store too. At Experimac, we also have the capability to perform diagnostic testing in-store to determine the exact source of a device’s problem. In almost every case, we can repair a device while the customer waits in the store or have it back to them the very next day!

Our customers value our service, and we value our customers. We are quick, knowledgeable and reliable for all of their tech needs. When they walk into an Experimac store they are greeted with a smile and are ensured quality service in a time frame that works for them and their schedule. For that reason, more and more customers are turning to Experimac to skip the frenzy in other stores. Our brand is growing, and by opening your own Experimac franchise, you can play a valuable role in our company’s growth. And by owning your own business, you’ll reap the benefits of financial success along with enjoying your own summer to a higher degree.

Next time a computer is lagging, or a phone is not working how it should, with your Experimac store being close by, customers won’t put it off and claim that they just “don’t have time” to get it fixed. At Experimac, we value our customers’ time, and we don’t want to keep our customers waiting like the big stores do. So, prospective Experimac franchisees, you have the opportunity to provide high-quality service when your customer’s computer has them seeing sparks. You’ll get them back to the summer sun and their family fun quicker; just in time for the fireworks.

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