It’s widely accepted that Apple® products are the best on the market — they consistently rank at the top of customer reliability and satisfaction surveys. The only problem for consumers is that Apple products can be pretty tough on the wallet. Those who don’t want to break the bank to use a MacBook will turn to Experimac, and they’ll be able to get all the benefits of Apple products at a reasonable price.

There’s a growing number of potential customers out there who don’t buy Apple products because the newest versions are just too costly. They want to own a MacBook or an iPhone, they just don’t think it’s economically possible. They’re wrong.

Most people don’t need the newest, flashiest technology. Most consumers use laptops to send emails, watch Netflix, or surf the web. Buying pre-owned Apple products is a smart way to ensure that they can do these things without overpaying. The refurbished products Experimac offers are put through an intense testing process to make sure everything is in perfect working condition and capable of completing day-to-day tasks without skipping a beat.

Apple products are exceedingly sought after, and it makes sense. They’re the most popular (it’s not even close), and they’re the most user-friendly. It’s now possible to remain loyal to the Apple brand while paying only a fraction of what it would cost on Amazon or at Best Buy.

Experimac makes the buying process far more affordable and painless for people on a budget who want to use Apple products by offering them a customer-centric alternative to spending four hours at an Apple store that’s right next to a Cinnabon in some mall.

So, what does all this mean for Experimac store owners? It’s established that Apple is immensely popular, and refurbished products are a perfect alternative to backing up the Brinks truck to pay for a new MacBook or iPhone. With this in mind, Experimac offers a burgeoning franchise model that capitalizes on a limitless customer base and specialization in a brand with high customer loyalty. As this previously untapped market continues to become more aware of the advantages of buying second-hand technology, Experimac franchisees will be able to see a continuous flow of revenue from multiple streams. Entrepreneurs who like proven business models may want to get in on this movement while they still can.

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