It’s often said there’s more than one way to climb a mountain. For iPhone, iPad, and MacBook users, there’s more than one way to achieve convenient, affordable and reliable repairs. The Experimac® team of highly-skilled technicians have learned the inner workings of Apple® products, making them the premier option for customers seeking an alternative to repair services provided by Apple.


When it comes to saving money, fast service, and useful repair work, there’s an apples-to-oranges comparison of Apple Stores and the Experimac experience. Whether customers have a cracked screen, a troubled touch screen, drained batteries or a host of other technical glitches, Experimac can perform diagnostic testing on site — minus the congested showroom. Customers can shop for accessories or other Apple products while their device is undergoing repairs with Experimac’s same-day service option.


A customer with out-of-warranty repair needs might find it less cost-efficient to seek help directly from the manufacturer. The Experimac franchise has the most affordable solution with reasonable prices that rival its competitors. For iPhone users, accidental damage isn’t covered by Apple’s warranty — and while customers can spend $29 for AppleCare+ in the event their device has an accident or battery damage — other types of damage are more expensive to repair. Experimac offers Apple users the option to repair or replace their product without a hefty price tag. Customers in need of a replacement product can invest in a pre-owned iPhone, iPad, or MacBook with convenient in-store financing.


Wallet-friendly financing and repairs are available at all 125 Experimac locations in the U.S. and abroad. Mobile device and computer users can expect quality customer service, which includes technical repairs conducted with high-level professional precision. Additionally, Experimac uses quality replacement parts to extend the life of every product left in the trustworthy hands of Experimac technicians. Their repair work comes with a 90-day store warranty, putting customers at ease when they walk out of an Experimac, armed with a reliable device.

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