The days of connecting through handwritten letters are a thing of the past, and the recent challenges of not physically connecting through the pandemic have made it difficult to do so. However, families, friends, and communities more than ever still need that connection. Thankfully, the Internet has made this easier than ever, and technology continues to evolve to ensure devices are fast and reliable. Technology for all its worth isn’t without its problems, of course, as mass demand means mass production, and quality tends to fall by the wayside.

Experimax franchise stores have found success during the pandemic despite the effects of COVID-19 has had on other businesses. With more people telecommuting than ever, we haven’t taken a hit. Our flexible concept is available for a speedy launch with a retail space conversion option. 

Our Recipe for Success in Uncertain Times

Experimax is part of a booming $18B electronic and computer repair services industry (Source: IBISWorld) and an even bigger $300B technology industry. With nearly everyone owning a cellphone or a laptop/computer, there is a broad consumer base and high demand for the products and services that an Experimax franchise offers. 

Our goal has always been to best help the customer and provide them with advice on making the right decision regarding their devices. We provide our services at an outstanding value. We commit to developing long-lasting relationships with customers, and we concentrate on high-quality customer service. 

Our revenue model helps Experimax franchise owners develop continuous revenue with a monthly membership program. Consumers can utilize monthly payments to own a personal computer or cellphone.

Experimax keeps their services nearby. By avoiding driving long distances and dealing with traffic, customers can conveniently come by any time to keep their technology running without worrying about a sales pitch.

We require minimal staff for effective store management. This helps keep employee operational expenses and overhead lower. 

We’re a trusted brand, having already built up a solid reputation for excellence. Franchising allows you to accelerate the process of establishing a loyal customer base effectively.

Experimax helps their franchisees grow their portfolio. We’ve built growth into our business plan and help franchisees achieve their goals by offering multi-unit management options. 

We’re a one-stop shop. Experimax offers a wide variety of services where we handle trade-ins, upgrades, repairs on damaged devices, software, and system updates, as well as buy and sell devices. We go above and beyond a computer repair franchise, as we also offer quality pre-owned products and accessories. If we can’t repair your device, for some reason, we can help you find a new one within your budget. 

We’re there for our customers and support our communities by helping them stay up and connected during these uncertain times. 

There’s never been a better time to partner with our team and learn more about how Experimax franchise keeps communities connected. Contact us today to get started!