Since the beginning of time, college towns have been the perfect location for two types of businesses: bars and pizza joints. The world has changed in the past few years and there’s now another can’t-miss business that’s taking over college campuses: computer repair stores.

Everywhere you turn on a college campus you see students typing on their MacBooks or staring down at their iPhones. These devices inevitably need repairs (they are owned by college kids, after all). The people who need them fixed are on a tight budget and don’t have the time to spend waiting in an Apple store or mailing their laptop off somewhere to get it nursed back to health.

College students’ entire lives revolve around their laptops and phones — all of their coursework, all of their emails to professors, their Instagram accounts… Their devices are invaluable. So when they break, resolving the issue as quickly and pain-free as possible is always the number one objective. This is where Experimac steps in; a proven business that provides everything college kids need to make sure they don’t fall behind in their coursework or social lives because of an issue with an Apple device.

We all know the back-to-school rush can be overwhelming for a lot of people, and no one wants to fall behind. Students who need Apple products to complete their schoolwork can purchase refurbished laptops at an Experimac store. Students who have broken their Apple devices can get them repaired at that same store. Let’s not forget the accessories! There are chargers for any Apple device, cases, wireless keyboards, etc. Experimac is a one-stop-shop for all the needs of the modern-day college kid.

And when it comes to staffing your Experimac store, don’t forget that broke college students want to work, and they want to work where their hard skills have value. Being born and raised in the digital age has gifted them the opportunity to develop a unique understanding of the most up-to-date technology and the tech industry as a whole. It’s like they were built in a lab to be Experimac employees.

Through the lens of an entrepreneur, this is an incredible opportunity that simply doesn’t present itself often. Experimac occupies an emerging market that is expanding by the day. We take pride in the proven business model we offer, which provides franchisees with the resources of a large company and the freedom of a small-business owner. Entrepreneurial minds are attracted to the industry and computer repair stores are currently present on almost every major campus across the country. Now’s the time to get involved!

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