Experimax is a relatively new franchise that began buying, selling, trading, and repairing Apple® products as a franchise in 2014. The first Experimax location was started just a couple of years before that in 2012 by Jim Muir.

Jim realized early on that the steadfast feelings of loyalty that Apple consumers have for their products could be harnessed into a retail business that bought and sold pre-owned Apple products.

At Experimax, Apple laptops, desktops, wearable devices, and tablets are all fair game when it comes to trade-ins, repair and reselling. Experimax offers much more than most cell phone franchises out there today.

Experimax has Experienced Incredible Growth

United Franchise Group titan and Experimax’s current CEO, Ray Titus, understands that a great franchise opportunity needs to capitalize on a booming market and constantly be expanding into new territories.

Since its founding in 2014, Experimax has expanded at an extremely fast clip. According to Entrepreneur, Experimax saw an incredible 3,900% increase in units over the last three years with the opening of over three dozen new Experimax franchise locations all around the country.

This growth was possible thanks to Apple’s unprecedented brand loyalty among its whole lineup of products.

Apple actually leads the pack in three categories (laptops, smartphones, and tablets) in terms of customer satisfaction, according to the very recent 2017 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index survey.

That kind of across-the-board loyalty makes opening a new Experimax franchise location look like a very sunny proposition.

Truly a One-of-a-Kind Franchise Opportunity

There’s no other franchise operating today that offers the kinds of diversified business opportunities that Experimax offers to its investors.

Experimax allows you to accept trade-ins on Apple products, make repairs on Apple devices, sell products and accessories, and update software systems on older devices so that Apple customers can keep using the devices that they love.

Apple products, especially Apple iPhones, retain their value much longer than other cell phone franchises’ wares.

As an Experimax franchisee, you’ll be able to sell high-value Apple products. You’ll also be able to resell or repair older devices—and offer your customers generous warranties—since you’ll have the training as a certified Apple refurbisher.

A Multi-Billion-Dollar Repair Industry

Although you’ll be buying and selling Apple products, you’ll also be working within a multi-billion-dollar repair industry.

Over a seven-year timespan, Americans spent over $23 billion repairing Apple iPhone screens alone! That’s a huge business opportunity right there.

Experimax Recently Joined the United Franchise Group

The United Franchise Group has over thirty years of experience guiding more than 1,400 franchises in countries all around the globe.

Being part of the United Franchise Group means much greater economies of scale and unparalleled marketing and advertising assistance.

Your Experimax royalty fees cover research and development costs and keep your Experimax franchise location competitive and thriving. Your royalty fees also go into a marketing fund that guarantees you’re getting access to the most cutting-edge marketing techniques and ensures that you’ll never be without ongoing support.

Group and Personalized Training and Support

When you join the Experimax team, you’ll receive extensive training right from the start.

After signing your franchise agreement and paying your one-time franchise fee, you’ll head over to West Palm Beach, Florida, for a two-week training program.

From there, you’ll be linked up with Experimax staff and receive one-on-one, on-site training at the Experimax franchise location that you and your area developer have scoped out.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get up to speed on the bookkeeping, systems, marketing, and more technical processes that will allow you to run your first Experimax location!