The computer repair industry is growing more rapidly than ever. According to Internet Live Stats, as of 2016 there are approximately 3.5 billion people who have access to the internet either by computer or cell phone, and this number is only expected to grow larger. Almost half the world population is using computers, and with that means there is unlimited opportunity for businesses and franchises to meet the needs of the people. People will soon always need computers, and computers will always need repairs.

Is it better to invest in a franchise or start my own business?

Starting your own business is risky regardless of the industry. Although there is no shortage of computers, this also means there is no shortage of computer repair shops as well. Even franchises have risen up to take more of the niche in this market. In order to be successful in the computer repairs on your own, you must have exemplary computer repair skills before opening your shop, money to invest in a permanent location and employees, quality repair tools, time, and marketing skills. All of this can add up to a lot of money and could still not guarantee success.

The benefits of investing in a franchise eliminate most of these concerns. With Experimac, they provide you with the training and support to run a computer repair shop and you don’t even necessarily need prior experience. They even stay with you throughout your career to help you whenever you need it.

The cost for investing in a franchise varies from company to company. For example, Experimac’s total investment including the franchise fee, money needed to secure real estate, initial supplies, and payroll costs until the business becomes self-sustained is as low as $136,000. This is incredibly low comparative to a lot of other franchises, and Experimac is one-of-a-kind with their selection of pre-owned Apple products and repair.

What kind of services are in the computer repair industry?

Computer repair may seem like a pretty straightforward concept, but there is a lot more to it in the industry. Computers have only gotten smaller and more intricate, and they have also only gotten cheaper. This means the industry has to be quick, reliable, and affordable.

With Experimac, the services that are provided related to big brand products and repair. Products such as iPhones and MacBooks are very high in demand and are somewhat expensive. This leaves open a market for electronics product repair. At big brand retailers, the prices are not always cheapest and it requires an appointment. This is how Experimac excelled. They were able to corner repairs with no appointments necessary and an unbeatable price for the repairs.

The computer repair industry is rapidly growing and now is the time to get involved. Starting your own business may be risky due to the low prices in competing brands, however, franchising is always a great option. Consider joining the Experimac team and the computer repair industry today.

Simplifying the Franchise Process