The franchise business model offers elegant solutions to the most persistent problems faced by go-it-alone entrepreneurs and sole proprietorship businesses.

Experimac’s franchise business model ensures that you’ll get immediate access to the Experimac brand, as well as the incredible marketing and advertising resources of the United Franchise Group.

Maybe the most convenient aspect of the franchise business model is that franchises have already undergone the sometimes frustrating trial-and-error process designed to weed out the bad ideas and expand on what’s working.

Experimac partly owes its established brand to picking the right industry at the right time—over 300 million computers were sold globally in 2014, for sales revenue of approximately $300 billion.

Training and Support

Experimac’s training program and franchise business model are designed and packaged to be easily passed on to investors.

As an Experimac franchisee, you’ll take part in one of the most extensive training programs in all of franchising. The crux of your training will take place at the United Franchise Group’s global headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

You’ll learn the ideal ways to serve your customers, market your services, manage your Experimac location, and constantly expand your reach in the community.

Personalized one-to-one training in your Experimac store ensures that once you’re set up, you can avoid the pitfalls that are so common to entrepreneurs who are going it alone.

You’ll receive personal technical, logistical, and marketing assistance after undergoing two weeks of extensive training in Florida. Regional meetups will keep your skills sharp, and brand conventions under the aegis of the United Franchise Group will give you a huge competitive edge.

On top of all that, you’ll receive strategic assistance with finding the perfect spot for your Experimac franchise location, store build-out help, support with finding affordable equipment leases, and ongoing assistance from the entire Experimac team.

Two Complementary Businesses!

It’s often said that Experimac combines two separate businesses to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. At Experimac, you’ll be able to buy and sell Apple® products and also offer repair services to your customers.

This gives customers the chance to parlay the value from trade-ins toward purchasing the newest Apple products. That’s music to the ears of anyone with an entrepreneurial attitude who wants more opportunities and revenue streams.

With the combination of Experimac’s franchise business model and the new iterations of Apple smartphones, laptops, desktops, and wearable technologies hitting the market all the time, you’ll never run out of products to buy and sell.

Apple has the brand loyalty that other companies can only dream of. This means that your customers are very likely to trade in one Apple product for another, and that they’ll stick with Apple for years on end.

Apple has really diversified its product lineup over the years, and Apple products in general tend to hold their value much better than rivals. As an example, even Apple iPhones from two product generations ago still sell well.

A Turnkey Investment

The franchise business model at Experimac revolves around a turnkey investment that makes it seamless for new investors to get started. Entrepreneur alludes to Experimac’s low initial investment and growth rate of 3,900% over the last three years.

At Experimac, you’re getting assistance from start to finish: Once you sign your franchise agreement and pay your one-time franchise fee, you’ll start receiving site selection, strategic, leasing, logistical, and marketing help immediately.

Teaming up with Experimac gives you multiple income streams, the power of the United Franchise Group, and the chance to join a thriving tech industry!