Experimax can show you how to effectively market computer repair services for your franchise. When you invest in an Experimax franchise, you’ll have a competitive advantage from the very start. Your store will have multiple streams of revenue, including repairing and selling pre-owned devices. We support our franchisees from the start, helping them establish businesses that appeal to just about everyone in their community. The marketing assistance we provide is especially useful. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the ways our franchisees market their services.

Highlight Experimax’s Unique Advantages

Today’s sophisticated consumers can smell a sales pitch a mile away. For our first tip on how to market computer repair services, it’s important that your advertisements highlight what makes your business unique in the field. Luckily for Experimax franchisees, there are many reasons for customers to choose them over the competition. For example, we offer trade-ins on devices many of our competitors won’t take. We also offer a high trade-in value, allowing customers to access a great pre-owned device from our selection. Emphasizing these points in your advertisements is a great way to entice customers to come into your store. Another selling point for customers is the quick turnaround time in which we can complete many repairs. Since we have a large inventory of parts on-hand, we can complete most repairs while they wait, which many customers appreciate since no one likes to leave their devices for long periods of time.

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Keep a Wide Audience in Mind

Computer sales alone are a $304 billion industry, and Experimax deals in much more than just computers. Smartphones and tablets are also popular items that we sell, trade-in, and repair every day. It’s true that smartphones are most popular among younger consumers, but did you know that 80% of people 55-64 also use smartphones? Make sure to take advantage of this in your marketing. When we teach our franchisees how to market computer repair services, we recommend that they keep their target audience in mind and utilize the appropriate channels. In this case, your target audience is exceptionally wide, so try to find avenues that will reach out to consumers young and old alike.

Utilize Our Many Resources

One of the best parts of franchising with Experimax as opposed to starting a business from scratch is that we know all about how to market computer repair services, and we help our franchisees create and implement the most effective campaigns possible. We’ve developed a cache of marketing materials that are available to our franchisees for far less than they’d pay to create their own from scratch. Combined with our expertise on multi-channel marketing, and our third-party connections in advertising, we make it simple for franchisees to get the word out about their business. The less time you have to spend worrying about marketing, the more time you can focus on growing your business.

To learn more about how to market computer repair services, contact Experimax today.