If you’ve been wondering how to start a computer repair business, investing in a franchise is the easy answer! Although the industry is very profitable, it is also very competitive. Many entrepreneurs don’t realize just how difficult starting a business by themselves can be, and, because there are so many unknowns, many of their businesses could potentially fail as more established names like Experimax appear all over the country. Go into business for yourself instead of by yourself by choosing to start a computer repair business through Experimax. Find out how to start a computer business with us and how we have made it easier than going about it alone.

Find Out How Much It Costs

One of the key benefits to investing a franchise is that you know how much it’s going to cost ahead of time. When you start a business from scratch, you don’t necessarily know how much money and resources it will take to get it up and running. With an Experimax franchise, you know how much the training and support costs, how much liquid capital you have on-hand, how much your supplies will cost, and so forth. In addition, you pay a franchise fee that goes toward the training, support, marketing, and additional resources that help you with your grand opening, setup, and day-to-day operations.

Request the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The FDD is a 23-item legal document that breaks down everything you need to know about a franchise opportunity. It explains the investment and what it goes toward, what the franchise fee is, the training and support you get, and how other franchises have performed historically. This document is the one thing that stands between you and signing the franchise agreement, which is the beginning of you starting your own computer repair business with Experimax. It is really important to read the FDD thoroughly before you invest, so you’ll have 14 days to review it with your trusted advisors.

Receive Training and Support

Once you read the FDD and sign the franchise agreement, you can now begin learning how to start a computer repair business. Training and support are key benefits to franchising as opposed to learning how to start a computer repair business on your own. We have one of the most intensive training programs for a computer repair franchise. You will come to our headquarters for two weeks to learn the ins and outs of the industry and the day-to-day operations of your franchise so that you’re well-prepared to start a computer repair franchise successfully.

In addition to training, we offer initial and ongoing support to our franchisees. We help with site selection, store build-out, third party financial assistance for equipment, and other pre-opening requirements. In addition, we offer online training after your grand opening so that you can stay up-to-date on the best practices and current industry trends.

Invest in a Computer Repair Franchise

Learning how to start a computer repair business and having ongoing support gives Experimax franchisees a leg up over the competition. With a well-established name, a business model that works, and an in-depth training program that prepares franchisees for what lies ahead, we are well-prepared to show anyone who wants to learn how to start a computer repair business, regardless of their prior experience.

If you are interested in learning how to start a computer repair franchise through Experimax, learn more about our process]]>