News travels fast and that includes bad news, which is why poor customer service can harm a company’s brand and its bottom line. Consumer studies show its seven times more expensive to recruit a new customer than to keep a loyal one. That’s why a customer entering an Experimac® store receives quality customer service from a friendly, knowledgeable sales team that’s certified in pre-owned Apple® product repair. Their first — and every — encounter with Experimac is the beginning and the continuation of a mutually beneficial business relationship built on a franchisee’s most valuable commodity — trust.

Build Trust

Experimac prides itself on offering a unique franchising concept built on a foundation of trust between the franchisor and franchisee. With a company culture focused on credibility, Experimac franchisees successfully convert curious customers into loyal clients by avoiding some common retail pitfalls.

Louis Halle, a New Hampshire-based franchisee, says aggressive sales tactics and fees are counterintuitive to Apple product users who choose Experimac because they’re seeking affordable assistance and a reasonable deal. Instead, his team believes quality customer service means being reliable and fair.

“They have to know that we stand behind our product,” explained Halle. “I want customers to get to know my staff and to feel like we take care of them. If we can’t fix it, if we can’t address their issue, then we’re certainly not going to charge them.”

Stay Informed

Halle admits he’s not a tech guru and he’s proven you don’t need to be one to operate a successful tech repair store. Instead, he’s curated a team of savvy sales people who received Experimac’s in-depth training, turning them into the “go-to” tech experts in the Portsmouth area. With Experimac’s ongoing support, his team stays informed and ahead of the latest tech trends. It builds his team’s confidence in their products and the customer’s confidence in their ability to deliver quality customer service.

See Curiosity as an Opportunity

Research shows repeat customers are worth up to ten times the amount of their initial purchase. Experimac franchisees realize a great customer experience can lead to increased foot traffic. Increased store visits create more opportunities for strong in-person sales, which can result in robust in-store shopping. Halle says his franchise takes this recipe for success a step farther by seeing customer curiosity as an opportunity to strike up a conversation, explain the repair process or share his franchise journey.

“Giving extraordinary service isn’t enough,” said Halle. “Tech sales and repair is a competitive space. Our customers should feel comfortable and know they have a place at Experimac. We want them to know they’re welcome to come back anytime.”


Halle opened his first Experimac in April 2016 and continues to operate a thriving store with plans to expand to a second location. To learn more about his store, visit

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