Professionals leaving the corporate world or investors looking for a more varied yet challenging work environment are often attracted to franchising. From financing and branding to receiving training and ongoing support, a computer repair franchise enjoys a number of benefits over starting from scratch with a startup business.

For one thing, teaming up with a computer repair franchise that does so much more involves hopping on a train that’s already in motion in the sense that Experimac has experienced tremendous growth in the last two years, people love the brands we offer, and you’re capitalizing on Experimac’s huge brand awareness.

Experimac is a one-of-a-kind business model that allows you to buy, sell, repair, and accept trade-ins for iPhones, tablets, laptops, iPods, and computers. When you sign your franchise agreement at Experimac, you’ll get access to the Experimac brand and be on your way to getting the training and support you need to get started.

The Perks of Small Business Ownership and Big Business Support Come Together at Experimac

Owning a franchise means having the flexibility and autonomy of a small business owner matched with the incredible resources of a big business empire. Franchises like Experimac enable you to work with the United Franchise Group and receive corporate guidance as well as help financing.

Easier Financing, Loyal Customers, Brand Recognition, and Economies of Scale

Obtaining loans is much easier with a franchise in general because any creditor will be weighing the risks. A franchise with a track record of success is far less of a gamble than a startup since many more franchisees end up making it.

Many people are cagey about leaving their corporate jobs because they understand that underlying those jobs are certain advantages that come with establishing a brand and gaining a loyal customer base. Some customers will stay with one brand for a decade or more. Getting that kind of loyalty right out of the gate is something Experimac franchisees benefit from.

At Experimac, you’ll benefit from economies of scale and part of your franchise fee will go towards shoring up all of the equipment that you’ll need to satisfy your customers. Further, your franchise marketing and advertising fund—a manageable $500 monthly or 1% of your sales—helps ensure a constant pipeline of new customers.

Training and Support Plus Hand-selected Target Markets

Section six of your franchise disclosure document talks about the training that you can expect at Experimac. You’ll receive your initial two weeks of intensive training at the United Franchise Group’s headquarters in West Palm Beach and receive ongoing assistance on both the technical and marketing front.

You’ll also receive grand opening assistance once you’ve chosen from an Experimac target market. Experimac’s area developers and development team have put a lot of time, resources, and attention toward understanding consumer tendencies and the ideal regions of the country to open an Experimac location. As a startup doing the same prior to opening would be pretty difficult to do so affordably.

In fact, although a career in marketing, management, IT, logistics, or technology would be a definite leg-up, you don’t need any prior professional experience with technology to run an Experimac franchise. You’ll receive all the training you need from the Experimac team at the United Franchise Group’s global headquarters!

Experimac is the computer repair franchise of the future that can provide you with multiple revenue streams buying, selling, and repairing tech products. Experimac, though, is definitely more than a computer repair franchise. Contact us for more information about how you can get started on your franchising journey with Experimac.