Experimax computer repair franchises run remarkably efficiently compared to other retail stores. That’s because we offer three unique lines of service, and each one supports the others. Furthermore, our business model has been fine-tuned for years so that it’s easier than ever to keep each of our computer repair franchises running smoothly. Here, we’ll give you a sneak peek at a few of the ways we value efficiency.

Three Lines of Service = Multiple Revenue Streams

Every Experimax computer repair franchise offers three unique services:

Repairs: We’re able to complete a number of repairs to smartphones, tablets, even laptops right in-store. Our customers love that they can browse our selection of pre-owned devices while they wait. For more complicated repairs, they can leave their device with us and pick it up when it’s fixed. We use genuine parts made by the original manufacturer whenever possible, so our repairs are a cut above what the competition can offer. 

Trade-Ins: Keeping up with the latest technology can be costly, and many people prefer to upgrade to a quality pre-owned device rather than buying brand new models. Experimax takes trade-ins of devices that are often far older than our competition will accept, and customers can choose from our wide selection of quality refurbished devices. When the device customers bring in is too old or not in great condition, we break it down for parts to support the repair side of our business.  

Retail: When customers bring us devices in good condition, we refurbish them so that they’re virtually as good as new. We’re able to sell these devices at a great price: just one more way we’re able to draw customers through our doors. 

As you can see, each of these three lines of service supports the others so our computer repair franchises are able to run smoothly without wasting resources.

A Time-Tested Business Model

One of the benefits of partnering with a brand like Experimax rather than going it alone is that we’ve had time to fine-tune our business model. We’ve developed processes to keep operations of our computer repair franchises as hassle-free as possible. For instance, we’ve already developed:

  • A comprehensive training program to get you up-to-speed on how to run your new business
  • Clear operations procedures that your team can easily follow
  • Efficient methods for bookkeeping
  • Targeted marketing strategies
  • … and much more

There’s no need for our franchisees to reinvent the wheel. When they partner with Experimax, they simply adopt the procedures we’ve already developed so they can keep their business running efficiently. 

Best of all, they can count on our continued support through the whole process. We’re there from the time they begin to learn about our franchise offering, through the location scouting process, through building out their new computer repair franchise, and beyond. 

Streamlined efficiency and a strong support system? What else do you need from a computer repair franchise? Contact Experimax today to learn more!