The consumer electronics industry is expected to reach $442B in 2021 (Source: Statista). Smartphones account for the largest retail revenue, comprising $79B.

Experimax is different from other electronics store franchises because we buy, sell, and trade used high-quality equipment. Customers can count on acquiring high-performance computers, tablets, smartphones, and accessories at a fraction of the cost that these items retail for at other stores. Experimax also offers repairs, upgrades, and customer consultations so that customers can satisfy all of their tech needs in one place.

We’ve created an electronics store franchise investment where you don’t need a background in repairs to run your very own store. Our bottom-up plan and comprehensive training will teach you everything, from managing inventory to customer service to growth strategies. We’re able to streamline our operations, offering faster service and a broader range of sales and repair options than our competitors.

These products and services are in high demand and, thanks to Experimax, can be easily accessed in one place. Join Experimax, and you’ll be a part of one of the fastest-growing electronics store franchises in the technology sector. Our suite of services means multiple revenue streams for you:


We accept trade-ins on a wide variety of devices, often including those that are older and aren’t accepted by competitors. Newer devices can be refurbished and sold; other devices past their prime can be broken down for parts. 

By taking trade-ins, you’ll work with the customer to determine their product’s value and the best solution for them. We aren’t just out to boost our bottom line by undercutting our customers in the process. We focus on the customer first to aid and advise them to the best of our abilities. 


We offer a wide range of quality pre-owned devices and accessories. These highly coveted products are priced more affordably, often at a lower cost than comparable new equipment from other retailers. 

Sales experience (specifically with leading a team) is invaluable at Experimax. Your expertise will help you motivate your team and show them how to perform at their best. 


You’ll also offer repairs. A sizeable amount of our sales come from repair revenue. Thanks to our comprehensive training, our franchisees and their staff become proficient in completing repairs themselves in-store. By providing repairs in-house, our customers don’t have to worry about shipping their devices off for weeks at a time, and we earn our customers’ trust by showing them we have the in-depth knowledge and ability to repair a range of devices.

During your two-week franchise training, you’ll also learn basic Experimax marketing techniques and have an understanding of our proprietary software and systems, royalty fees, and daily operational procedures. We’ll show you how we make it simple to track your sales, enter and record data, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and much more. 

By offering all three key services, our Experimax franchise owners not only stand out as a one-stop-shop for meeting all their customer’s technology needs but can also enjoy the benefits of 3 key revenue streams.

There’s never been a better time to partner with our Experimax team and learn more about electronics store franchises. Contact us today to get started!